WWE Network: WWE Swerved – “Are You Crazy Fox?” sneak peek

WWE Network: WWE Swerved – “Are You Crazy Fox?” sneak peek


  1. Comment by Andre M:

    Who’s Seth Rollings again? ;)

  2. Comment by sharad raja:

    First comment. #WWE

  3. Comment by furtuna mendes:

    the best wrestler in the world

  4. Comment by JoesChannel101:

    Lol I’m actually gonna watch Swerved its looks hilarious is anyone else
    watching it or am I the only one

  5. Comment by Lukas Ramanauskas:

    Seth is pised! i wonder how much do they need to pay that guy to do this to
    Brock Lesnar XD

  6. Comment by salisto totlet:

    They should do that to brock lesnar

  7. Comment by Erik Schulz:

    I bet I’m the only person here that actually has WWE network

  8. Comment by LeftCliq:

    Reminds me of CM Punk so much, because of his attitude.

  9. Comment by Pascal Aka:

    looks fake to me.

  10. Comment by CriticizedAB:

    The shield coming back? :P

  11. Comment by Rose Cactus:

    I dont know what it is, but something about Seth’s voice is gold. I just
    love it so much.

  12. Comment by Jon snow:

    Wouldn’t seth say his real name ? If this is all a real prank if a security
    guy is asking what’s ur name he should of said his realName just throwing
    that out there.

  13. Comment by Santiago Alvarez:

    FAKE , Seth Isn’t that cocky in real life

  14. Comment by SamTheRam28:

    Who’s this Seth Rollins guy?

  15. Comment by Matthew McFarlin:

    Security: who are you ?
    Seth: Chris Benoit

  16. Comment by _SkyHighRollins:

    lmao sorry Seth, but this is hilarious xD

  17. Comment by MissTia777:

    Brock would have been allowed in very E-Z!

  18. Comment by WeGottaSituation:

    This is golden.

  19. Comment by La Molcajete:

    All I saw was midget and poop jokes

  20. Comment by Brootality Dawg:

    So staged…I doubt Seth would introduce himself to security as Seth and
    not by his real name (Colby) with ID. And I don’t think he’s an actual
    douche in real life..

  21. Comment by SuperstarOnTheHorizons:

    Whats the point of doing a prank when the person is fully aware of it? The
    guy asked Seth Rollins his name and he tellz him his Wrsstling name lol not
    only that Seth was acting as his tv character instead of his real life
    personality. Smh

  22. Comment by xxZigglerGirl xx:

    Awe my poor baby he has no idea…. Ha this is funny

  23. Comment by Wolf Benoit:

    I feel like I always knew he was a self entitled weasel in real life.

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