WWE Network presents Booker T: Sentenced to Greatness

WWE Network presents Booker T: Sentenced to Greatness


  1. Comment by New World Order:

    The following message has been paid for by the new world order and
    interested to watch the five time wcw champion sentence to greatness

  2. Comment by Finn Balor:

    Booker t: most underrated wrestler ever

  3. Comment by gat0rcrazzi:

    All Hail King Booker! All Hail King Booker!

  4. Comment by Awesome k Gunner:


  5. Comment by Chris Mckay:

    Booker T means so much to me as a Black wrestling fan. The represebtation
    of having a Black wrestler that’s actually a decorated Hall of Famer mean
    alot. Yes I know the Rock is biracial but it’s different and if you aren’t
    Black you wont get it.

  6. Comment by AsylumBeats:

    Great wrestler. Should’ve been WWE champion at least once 

  7. Comment by Chris Jericho, TV-14 Legend!:

    I have so much respect for Booker after overcoming his mistakes in the past
    and then becoming one of the most popular wrestlers of the late 90’s and

  8. Comment by Iconic_Philosopher:

    Can you digg it SUCKaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  9. Comment by Suplex Repeat:

    The reason I started watching professional wrestling: Booker T.

  10. Comment by BO Dallas:

    after this when is Keeping up with the Dallas’s coming on

  11. Comment by Travis williams:

    finally they have a documentary on Booker T this is a guy who’s story is at
    the top list of stories in wrestling that needs to be told. not only for
    anyone who wants to be in wrestling but life in general a motivational rise
    and inspirational story for sure. Booker T came from basically nothing to
    being a hall of famer.

  12. Comment by farhan faturohman:

    Wwe need more black people

  13. Comment by CloudsOfUncertainty:

    Booker T actually came to my school in 7th grade for a public speaking on
    just being good in life, and I remember his stories about all the stuff
    he’d get into, and I remember seeing him tear up remembering all that. It
    really touched me, and it’s pretty great when you see how he turned out
    now, Granted, the company isn’t treating him as they should, but Booker T
    is an amazing wrestler, and an amazing human being.

  14. Comment by Bray Wyatt:

    Booker T > All Current Black Wrestlers

  15. Comment by RainTrain45:

    Hey everyone, I do YouTube as a hobby, and would appreciate if you gave my
    channel a look. I talk mostly about wrestling 

  16. Comment by ShadesAtKnight:

    Booker T is awesome. Looking forward to this.

  17. Comment by Vince "Out Of Touch" McMahon:

    “Sentenced To Greatness” HAHA prison jokes are funny because he’s black.

    Vince McMahon Genius!

  18. Comment by BuzzardFollower:

    I thought WWE doesn’t hire anyone with a criminal record 

  19. Comment by Brandon Ninja:

    I’m watching this :)

  20. Comment by Fireshockreviews:

    Man I wish Booker won some more world titles in WWE, would have love to see
    him as WWE champion at least once. One of my favorites back in the ruthless
    aggression era. 

  21. Comment by The Peoples Champion "The Rock":

    the rock says one more match…King bookah….going ONE ON ONE WITH THE

  22. Comment by Dean Ambrose:

    WWE might have bad shows (not including NXT),but they have some awesoms


  23. Comment by Follower of the Pukester:

    Tv14 Jobber T has nothing on my Ryback
    Cm Punk sucks
    Pray 2 pg legends
    Earthquakes don’t exist. Proovn by pg scientists 

  24. Comment by RiseOfTheSandow2015:

    My +That Man Was The Ryback is a Youtube legend and a skinny high typer.

  25. Comment by Blu-Ray King:

    I gotta watch this. I’ve always been a fan of Booker T, it’s cool to see
    WWE do a story like this and Booker T willing to talk about it. He’s always
    had that reputation of being a Real OG that’s doing better outside the
    street life, he’s done real good for himself.

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