1. Comment by Elijah Carter:

    Sweet, more of Matt and Jeremy, cool to see them in more stuff!

  2. Comment by kieRAGEousKieran:

    screw the haters, this was funny man. “reading is dumb, reading spelt
    backwards is still reading!”

  3. Comment by Instagamrr:

    I need that confetti cannon in my life! TAKE MY RUPEES

  4. Comment by JohnPA:

    So funny!! Hahahah JK you are not fucking funny and your fake accents are
    fucking retarded.

  5. Comment by Soccerl3east99:

    Speaking of the RT store I still haven’t received my poster that I ordered
    from the extra life stream

  6. Comment by Julius Caesar:

    The thing is, they act like we’ve known them for years. They’re trying to
    force themselves on us essentially.

  7. Comment by UnBakedStorm:

    Does the mirror come with JJ’s image still in it?

  8. Comment by Cured R:

    matt and jeremy are ruining everything fuck off 

  9. Comment by elizabethther:

    jesus matt. shampoo, please. like i dont have anything against u but theres
    enough grease there to cook bacon.

  10. Comment by Ryan Smith:

    Man they just can’t find a place for these two huh?

  11. Comment by MarshmallowHope:

    Matt looks so hot. He should slick his hair back more often. And Jeremy
    looks hot too. Love this guys.

  12. Comment by Kurt Finlayson:

    Soooo, when will that Lootcrate be coming? They said Fall, I count October,
    and sometimes November as Fall.

  13. Comment by Trevor Meininger:

    Am I the only one who actually like and enjoy all of the RoosterTeeth

  14. Comment by supr3m3panda:

    3:17 Fuck you, plebian YouTube dwellers! We of the glorious RT Sponsor
    Master Race get Geoff on a podcast! Dedicated solely for us!

  15. Comment by giantrobotchicken:

    ooo I wanna be a part of the community. ok ok here we go:
    These guys are great and I love them.
    Did I do it right?

  16. Comment by ikeownscharizards:

    lol Jeremy killed it in the recap. Open up, guys, they aren’t so bad.

  17. Comment by ilikestripes400:

    This is probably the only RT Recap I’ve enjoyed since the one with the
    talking pets. And might I say, this is more hilarious than any in an even
    longer span. Awesome job, Matt and Jeremy, the only reason I gave this vid
    a chance and the reason why I’d be happy to watch more with them. I’ll
    admit, they (or at least Matt) seemed a bit awkward in their movements, but
    through the video they got a lot more comfortable. They themselves aren’t
    on camera much, so perhaps they’re just not used to it yet, but even so
    this was still great XD

  18. Comment by hilly niehaus:

    what the fuck is this steaming pile of shit im looking at right now

  19. Comment by Michael Morro:

    why is there so much hate for these guys?
    did Michael, Ray, or anyone else get this much bullshit when they got hired?
    Are all of the assholes spouting hate bullshit at these two just jealous
    that they aren’t the ones that are working at RT/AH?

    questions that may never be answered

  20. Comment by Matthew Smith:

    I love these guys but I still can’t remember which is which. 

  21. Comment by EliteProductions™:

    I actually like these two, but it feels like RT is forcing everyone else to
    like them by putting them in almost every new video

  22. Comment by Jake Eaton:

    Man, RT fans suck. Accept change, it is essential.

  23. Comment by Will Rhodes:

    This judt goes to show you dont have to look as good as Barbara or gavin to
    get a job at rooster teeth, you can be ugly as fuck like these 2. 

  24. Comment by hurTras:

    check this out

  25. Comment by An Jello:

    You know what I fucking hate? People never complained about Matt and Jeremy
    when they were in the AH Community Channel. But now that they got hired
    people complain non fucking stop. Come on guys, they’re not going anywhere,
    no matter how many whine comments you post they’re here to stay.

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