Project CARS: NEW Gameplay Details – Driver Network, Photo Mode, Le Mans

Project CARS: NEW Gameplay Details – Driver Network, Photo Mode, Le Mans


  1. Comment by TripleNN:


  2. Comment by Judge Gabranth:

    Thanks Hollie!

  3. Comment by Double X:

    The rain drops in the helmet are kinda awkward in the way they look like
    they’re inside the helmet. They need to change that, right? It can’t be
    that big of a deal can it. :/

  4. Comment by Marcus Orlando Harry Edwards:

    Project cars vs drive club.

  5. Comment by Oliver Fabia:

    the graphics look average

  6. Comment by Andrew James:

    i knew i should have bought xbone instead of this PS4… there’s no good
    games on this damn console. #AnybodyWannaTrade 

  7. Comment by shaun williams:

    Please keep your hair orange/red/fire Hollie looks good <3

  8. Comment by kenny sharp:

    I am still baffled why all these Xbots be up in our channels talking whack
    ass shit :s is your system that boring you can’t feed your own channels..??

  9. Comment by KiD ViPER:

    now theres 3 driving sims….. (forza, driveclub and now this) the crew’s
    gameplay looks fun but poor visuals. This Gen needs a arcade’y driving
    game. where are you BURNOUT!!?

  10. Comment by Franklin Clinton:

    Ahhh forza looks better

  11. Comment by FullmoonEffects89:

    i hate track racing. i perfer racing in the streets

  12. Comment by Arexion5293:

    That rain effect is layered wrong. It should be an animated texture on the
    visor, instead of a filter that is layered in front of everything.

  13. Comment by Afistnu:

    I hope there is a VR6 Corrado. :)

  14. Comment by Anonymous user:

    I’m sorry but.. her tits are massive mate!

  15. Comment by OwtDaftUK:

    You should of sang him the lumber jack song in that shirt.

  16. Comment by SHAKEAL AHMED:

    Project Cars looks amazing! Can’t wait to play it. Destiny will keep me
    busy until then.

    I think PS ACCESS should have a weekly slot on TV with all your YouTube

    Great interview Hollie!

  17. Comment by stuart anderson:

    If you love car games you will know about midnightclub la please you would
    make so much money of that 

  18. Comment by Arturs Gerskovics:

    very simple. no steering wheel support, no sale. And dont tell me i have to
    buy Thrustmaster. I have selection of Logiech wheels and have NO plans
    purchasing s*** from Thrustmaster.

  19. Comment by LowNSlowIII:

    Won’t be wasting my time on this one. Just like Gran Turismo series. Forza
    at least has a free drive mode and drag racing and better cars and better
    graphics but not on PlayStation. I want a racing game that is more
    realistic with more real upgrades along with engine swaps and other parts
    in a particular engine to upgrade. This game just doesn’t look unique in

    I’ll just stick with getting The Crew when it comes out. Not wasting $$$ on
    this one when I can actually put it into my real vehicle lol 

  20. Comment by somewhatsonny:

    Hey Hollie great interview as always. I have a question, what is the song
    in the background? I would love to use it as the song my drunken buddies
    and I freestyle rap to this weekend. Thanks for reading and have a great
    Friday :)

  21. Comment by Ahmad Ge:

    It’s been confirmed that this game coming to project Morpheus right ?? 

  22. Comment by welshjay74:

    Hollie awesome vid when is this game out in uk as I need something to play
    on my ps4 as arkham knight been delayed I know i got desting coming next
    couple of weeks but playing that daily probly get bored it be lik eating
    your favorite food daily you would get bored of eating the same thing daily

  23. Comment by me4n_m4chine:

    How many FPS on the PS4? I hope its 60..

  24. Comment by rav ravensdale:

    Anyone know when this is due out??? 

  25. Comment by Matt99J:

    Can’t wait to see all the cars in the game. I’m like a car pervert.

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