LEGO Batman TV Special Coming to Cartoon Network!

LEGO Batman TV Special Coming to Cartoon Network!


  1. Comment by The Brick Show:

    Do you plan to watch? What character are you looking forward to the most in
    LEGO 2015 sets?

  2. Comment by The Panda Show:


  3. Comment by Lord Brick:

    I honestly can’t wait for this! I saw a sneak peek of it and it was

  4. Comment by moschmo:

    Just set the dvr to record it, i know i would forget the time. 

  5. Comment by Emilespartan 5:

    Omg fifth

    Uh boo never mind I don’t like this channel

  6. Comment by TheBrickRookie:

    Pretty sweet 

  7. Comment by max mauer:


  8. Comment by LegoCostomsandvideos:

    Was out ages ago in the UK. I loved it it’s really good!

  9. Comment by Cameron MacDonald:

    Hi brick show I have a qustin for what is your fav set ever 

  10. Comment by luis ruiz:

    yes I do

  11. Comment by Nathan Bell:

    Watched it in the uk last week its good and bat mite is the main baddy

  12. Comment by Adrian Froggatt:

    Seen it
    It’s out in the uk

  13. Comment by the gaming dude:

    It was out weeks ago here in the uk

  14. Comment by Hammer Head:

    This was aired in the uk a few weeks back

  15. Comment by TheMylesBannister:

    Yeeeeah…. Ive seen it and I thought it was ok. To be honest it could’ve
    been better, but that’s just my opinion

  16. Comment by Steven Portillo:

    I well Watch it

  17. Comment by Awesome stuff:

    Yes I’ll watch it but on YouTube and I believe you can buy the movie in
    stores after a few weeks just like the other lego batman two movie

  18. Comment by Joey Klusnick:

    The colors on your camera look a bit off

  19. Comment by Alfredo Lopez:

    Yeah I think it’s going to be a great show 

  20. Comment by Jacob Ahlgren:

    Avengers age of Ultron trailer, watch it now!

  21. Comment by I'm Batman Man 123:

    As a huge DC Comics fan, of course I will be watching it! :D

  22. Comment by CampingTaco:

    Mega bloks don’t require animation b to bend elbows or legs. But that’s
    none of my business.

  23. Comment by DatGamin LegoMan:

    Ive already seen it over n the uk was on about a week ago

  24. Comment by Jay BD:

    Already watched it

  25. Comment by Lego creator:

    Beast boy

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