Help Support Valve News Network

Help Support Valve News Network


  1. Comment by FritchFraze:

    WHO’S WITH ME!!!

  2. Comment by Gapil:


  3. Comment by Davespavid:

    “Over time costs of equipment, internet, and games add up over time.”
    Might wanna fix that ;)

  4. Comment by David Jr:

    Congrats bud ^_^ you earned it.

  5. Comment by Dillion Jaime:

    Best of luck mate, I’ll help you

  6. Comment by EliTe:

    I’m willing to be a Patreon soon enough.
    I’ve always been a fan of notifications popping up saying you’ve uploaded
    and I’ll always watch your valve videos.

    Now to 100K.. :)

  7. Comment by Emil Klingberg:

    if you had a twitch account i would be happy to subscribe sadly youtube
    doesn’t have anything similar implemented 

  8. Comment by ComputerDude2600:

    One thing I would change is that it says “Over time costs of equipment,
    internet, and games add up over time.” I’m sure it was a mistake but it
    says over time twice :/

  9. Comment by PhantomFallout:

    Man, i wish i could donate. Im sorry :c

  10. Comment by ZankonProuductions:

    I ask that if the upgrades happen, please do not post every other day, I
    love how when one of your videos comes out on this channel you can feel the
    care and thought and research that’s been poured into keeping us all
    updated about Valve. Thank you for being absolutely awesome dude

  11. Comment by martijn oude ophuis:

    Since VNN doesn’t have any horizontally overlapping lines try editing the
    podcast logo in a way that VNN looks like something from an oscilloscope.

  12. Comment by IAmTheJT )(PC Gaming Madness:

    what’s your graphics card

  13. Comment by Tropic Moon:

    Damn straight you’re not going anywhere. Valve’s got some big projects
    coming fast and furious, and we’ll need Tyler’s investigative coverage
    every step of the way. :p

  14. Comment by Corey Mcdonough:

    You seem to have backed yourself into a corner like I see a lot of people
    do. By naming your channel “Valve News Network” you’ve limited the amount
    of stuff you can create on this channel. Then, youve separated your
    audience again with the “Nintendo News Network” and “Valve News Extra”
    Channels. In my opinion this has stunted your growth and could be the
    reason why doing a Patreon is even necessary. You have almost 3 million
    total views on this channel alone. Where did all that money go?

  15. Comment by cyansaint:

    But there is usually no valve news to report….

  16. Comment by Benny Kolesnikov:

    If internet is your biggest bottleneck, being able to record videos at a
    higher resolution won’t make much of a difference as you will have to down
    sample it anyway. (Some extra fancy explosions < Better internet.)

  17. Comment by bigmacspecialsauce:

    Hey Tyler can you please please give me some words of hope for half-life 3
    im a huge fan of the series and i think it would kind of be insulting to
    fans if valve just forgets about it. and yeah im a huge fan of valve played
    all there games and even toured valve cuz i live only 45 mins away from HQ
    so please give me some good words of hope. (:

  18. Comment by derp.mp3:

    i really fucking wish i can help man, i really do, but im not really the
    richest man in the world, i have to pay bill and stuff sadly :c

    but ill try to get some extra hours in work to support you man.

  19. Comment by HunchbackEntertainment:

    I’ve gotta say I like VNN and its spinoff channels but this is really,
    REALLY pushing it.

    You’re asking your fans to pay you to essentially play video games and give
    said fans updates on games as well. Firstly, paying a let’s player to run
    his YouTube account is just stupid. It’s a job that requires minimal effort
    let alone intellect. To your credit, your let’s play livestreams are better
    than a lot of the Markiplier and PewDiePie bullshit that’s popular, but no
    let’s player should be paid to play video games and commentate on them. As
    for giving us updates on video games, your videos are a lot of fun but all
    of this information can be gathered for free by the easily accessible news
    links found in descriptions of Steam games.

    In conclusion I like your channels quite a bit but you don’t produce
    anything original enough to justify asking your fans for money. 

  20. Comment by Enzo:

    I’ll throw in my hat next time paycheck rolls around but thanks again for
    makin such awesome videos dude…

  21. Comment by Falbere ♥~:

    Review Ricochet and I will donate.

  22. Comment by pepper Mill:

    I still wait for a mod review.

  23. Comment by FacialHair thecat.:

    in a live stream “might get a patreon, but dont wanna be a dick” 10 minutes

    Nah but in all seriousness i support this more VNN is a good thing

  24. Comment by Nibbles McMeow:

    Maybe you should do a general video game news channel. I know you got that
    Nintendo thing happening now, but having all the news in one place would
    bring more attention and give you a variety of content to work with. You
    can touch on the obscure facts of things not a lot of people know about.
    Plus you just have the animated tone of voice to discuss news topics

  25. Comment by Peyton Ellis:

    If i had the money I would donate in a heartbeat. 

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