Etika World Network Classics: EXTREME RAGE ON CAMERA Against Goddamn Dugtrio.

Etika World Network Classics: EXTREME RAGE ON CAMERA Against Goddamn Dugtrio.


  1. Comment by Harvey Linoone:

    Holy shit 2 views club O_o

  2. Comment by PyroV3:


    Also damn son 11 veiws club

  3. Comment by StarrrPOWERGames:

    Now I think about it
    Dugtrio is just a gay orgy…

  4. Comment by Nate Steevo:

    This video is really f**king funny. I laughed so hard at so many moments.

  5. Comment by iownalx23:

    *looks at description* yea, we want to forget the pax south incident too…

  6. Comment by BaoZakeruga:

    “Let’s turn the light on”

    It just got real.

  7. Comment by Hououin Kyouma:

    The one where you forgot that you set Robin’s birthday should be a classic.

  8. Comment by CinderRoast:

    More like DICKtrio… get it…?

  9. Comment by Yamcha:

    What a lil fag playing some pokemon lmao

  10. Comment by K G-ray:

    Didn’t he already upload this same video sometime in may of last year?

  11. Comment by JaviWarioReturns:

    Dugtrio!!! the best pokemon ever!!!! >____< Mega evolution plz!!!

  12. Comment by GameTheist:

    You have 100k subs, we were promised Hentai with Etika.. sooo yeah

  13. Comment by RedCoinMedia:

    I laughed so hard when he uploaded this xD


  14. Comment by Yairon Torres:

    Dude Etika, I can’t find the new 3ds XL anywhere in Puerto Rico… AND IT
    JUST CANE OUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plz make a video about this, seriously I
    can’t find it anywhere in PR or US!!!!!!

  15. Comment by JackoDEJ - Dojo Content:

    Hentai segment?

  16. Comment by Marche800:

    You think this is bad how about running into a level 30 dugtrio in
    diglett’s cave in FR/LG that assrapes your team because they’re much higher
    level and they have arena trap

  17. Comment by ᴸᴼᴸᴵ ᴯᴿᴬᴵᵡᴱᴺ:

    I catch all Pokémon using Pokéballs only.

    I use this as a challenge and for bragging rights. I mean, I did catch
    Zygarde with one Pokéball.

  18. Comment by Dr. Kirball:

    “Fuck you Digtrio.”
    uh, Etika, I think you need 2 more friends to accomplish that
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  19. Comment by Saudi Gamer120:

    Why not use repels?

  20. Comment by joshua rivera:

    Like this comment if u saw ” sexy love making with Etika ft. Red Robin

  21. Comment by skullkazor2:

    Please, someone, make a spoof of Dugtrio and give them all Etika’s hair and
    be like “Etika’s #1 Favorite Pokemon”

  22. Comment by Lucas TheGoodGoat:

    BRO LOVE YOU ETIKA! Have my babies…

  23. Comment by EWHITENetwork:

    Hey Etika. I have a drinking game for ya. Go to +LittlePip The Light Bringer ‘s
    plus page channel and look at this person’s posts and comments. Take a
    drink when:

    – She posts the wrong information

    – Tries to grab attention.

    – Points out the fact that he is alone and no one talks to him on Google

    – Spams

    – badly attempts at trolling

    – Acts creepy

    – Complain about something that nobody cares about

    – Attempts at humor

    – Tries to sound like she’s from the 90’s.

    – Makes an ass of himself


  24. Comment by Red The Demonhog:

    i think we need a fuck counter.

  25. Comment by Hamilton Carvalho:

    At long last our king Etika has risen from his slumber and has given us

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