Are you ready for WWE Network?

Are you ready for WWE Network?


  1. Comment by Good News Garrett:

    Why aren’t there any comments?

  2. Comment by Anthony Maybery:

    I love wwe

  3. Comment by Dareabledog89:

    I already have the Network. 

  4. Comment by Billy-Ray Cyrus:

    Under 301 yay! Achievement of my life.

  5. Comment by Marcy Sweet:

    They show Trish but no lita or chyna the one’s who can actually wrestle
    Trish is nothing but a pretty face

  6. Comment by Kieran Butler:

    Haha I’m not spending £9.99 on the WWE network when I have youtube 

  7. Comment by HMMLFCKR:

    I’m german and I find this offensive.

  8. Comment by Dolph Ziggler:

    You can also watch me on the network for only 9.99…….

  9. Comment by Gabriel8415:

    Wait! How much does it cost?!?!

  10. Comment by Rahul Soni:

    I ONLY HAVE $9.98!

  11. Comment by CMGreger:

    Promote the WWE Network

  12. Comment by Pepsi Pac:

    If this ain’t on sky or virgin media in u.k then I ain’t bothering

  13. Comment by Wool Bag:

    Everyone dislike this video to avenge the fan that had the “I could be at
    home watching Nitro for $9.99” sign last night on RAW. WWE had no reason to
    take his signs, take him out of the arena and threaten to arrest him. It’s
    a shame that this company promotes being a star, yet bullies their own fans
    for having fun and unintentionally advertising.

  14. Comment by TittyMasterAmbrose:

    If Raw was actually good, they wouldn’t need to promote the network so damn
    much. People would buy it based on how good the show is, not because they
    say it about 10 times an episode.

  15. Comment by John Priest:

    I don’t always comment but when I do…….

  16. Comment by Daniel Hill:

    Omfg. If they love there fans they give it for free. Wwe is a billion
    dollar company. This isn’t funny any more. 

  17. Comment by Swagura:

    If you want to watch John cena get CONQUERED by Brock lesnar ALL YOU HAVE
    TO DO IS PAY 9.99!!!!!!!!!

  18. Comment by TheBeast Incarnate:

    I don’t fight for free.

  19. Comment by CanadianOne1:

    “So weird, seeing this multi-billion-dollar company looking like the old
    man with the one eye and the wooden leg asking for beer money.”
    -Maffew of Botchamania

  20. Comment by Daroku64:

    Only for 9.99 $

  21. Comment by Mr Macho man:

    I not paying for the WWE network when it releases in the UK. The current
    show is so bad they should pay us 9.99 month 

  22. Comment by Lawrence Ashford:

    Who cares about the WWE Network and you have to pay 9.99 every month well
    that sucks in my opinion.

  23. Comment by yoshi50047:

    people who are poor disliked this

  24. Comment by James Henkel:

    Maybe if they brought down the price. Maybe to $5 a month. And not have
    that six month mandatory period, people would be more willing to use it. Oh
    maybe not shove it down our throats 24/7 because your pour marketing
    strategy has not gotten you far with this product? Why do you think people
    are making memes about the WWE Network?

    I just use it for NXT and PPVs. Even then, I still barely use it. Or watch
    wrestling in general anymore. When I do, Monday Night Raw is completely
    dull and uninteresting.

    I’ve kind of lost hope in the company. A good handful of the promos suck,
    the matches are boring (you can even hear the crowd chant it too). Sigh.
    Just. I want to be entertained throughout the three hours I’m sitting on my
    couch. Not just lie there and hope something cool happens.

  25. Comment by Stenzor101:


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