11-Pizza Party Podcast – DISH Removes CARTOON NETWORK – HALLOWEEN

11-Pizza Party Podcast – DISH Removes CARTOON NETWORK – HALLOWEEN


  1. Comment by MrBaconBomb:

    Does anyone else remember that one Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy,
    Halloween special?

  2. Comment by nope.64:

    I want an anime girlfriend i want to die

  3. Comment by Neapolitan Shark:

    r34 of pan pizza. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all.

  4. Comment by Burgah Doodman:

    Whenever I see this podcast shit in my subscription video upload list I
    frown. This is really boring in my opinion :/

  5. Comment by teamrandom21:

    dish removed cartoon network? those basterds! 

  6. Comment by MRcakeDragonMan:

    GIRL!!! *History in the making!!*

  7. Comment by ZylethXenocian:

    Fuck, I have Dish.

  8. Comment by Gappy The Eighth JoJo:

    Link to the PanPizza porn or it didn’t happen.

  9. Comment by NaClson:

    WHOOOOHOOOOO!!! Another Podcast!
    Question for you guys: What cartoon series would you want adapted into a
    CGI movie? 

  10. Comment by CRAIGGU4:

    I myself can’t believe a girl actually was okay with coming on the podcast
    with some of the stuff you’ve said.

  11. Comment by Redcord CHN:

    Happy Halloween to all who read this!!

    Wow, Dish dropped Cartoon Network just before Over the Garden Wall
    premiered. *Facepalm
    Well at least I can still watch it online.

    That one scene in Clarence with the confirmed gay couple was funny and
    unexpected. I never thought they’d be able to do that but they have
    impressed me. Oh yea and favorite Cartoon Halloween special for me is
    Either The Ed’s Boo Haw Haw or Hey Arnold’s Halloween.

  12. Comment by randman:

    Spoiler: McGucket wrote the journals.

  13. Comment by pokesonic3:

    Outside of R34, Bubbline is not a thing, stop making something out of

  14. Comment by Logan Benton:

    El Tigre was the shit.

  15. Comment by HDWarrior2483:

    Dish is the cancer to the cable industry!!!


  16. Comment by elazer twist:

    Why would ghosts even need to take dumps? they’re dead so they aren’t using
    energy. to make a dump you need to consume solid food but A. A ghost
    wouldn’t be able to hold solid food and B.Why would they eat if they never
    got hungry as a result of being dead?

  17. Comment by Caleb Blackburn:

    Who are your favorite cartoonists?

  18. Comment by Marija Vinķele:

    go fuck yourself nolan, kinder eggs are ten times better and the chocolate
    is milkier and even if you didn’t get the special orange capsule with the
    good prize the normal prize was okay or neat, you’ll never have what we

  19. Comment by superkeegan9100:

    If you want torture this Halloween, this is the video for you.

  20. Comment by ShnunGames:

    Love the podcast Pan! I’m an aspiring cartoon creator/animator myself and
    even though you probably won’t see this… I’d love to hear your opinion on
    some characters I created: “The Balloon Bros!” http://imgur.com/bjqgtxS

    I know they’re kinda cheesy and they have the whole angry, sad, mad cliche,
    but I think they have potential! lol.

  21. Comment by Fluffy Heretic:

    *starts up chainsaw* I’M COMING FOR YOU, KATRINA!!

  22. Comment by Kawaii♥Bells(`・ω・´)”:

    i love candy corn (◍•ڡ•◍)❤

  23. Comment by SHINYLIGHTZ:

    QUESTION: What is your guy’s guiltiest pleasure cartoon and/or anime?

  24. Comment by DeadlyComics:

    I dunno if this is worth discussion, but Damon Albarn announced a new
    Gorillaz album for 2016~

  25. Comment by Nurdle Daturtle:

    Pan I remember that episode! The weight lifting one.

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