YogPack: Strife Solutions 18 – Teleport Network

YogPack: Strife Solutions 18 – Teleport Network


  1. Comment by Zemelci:

    Will, you put in the wrong description…

  2. Comment by UnitedJupiter91:

    I think the description is wrong

  3. Comment by KaiserAfini:

    So you turn one ore into 4 ingots using teleporters ? ok……

  4. Comment by Sam Burgess:

    Please use elevator blocks like in BebopVox’s series they are powerless and
    efficient, and therefore much better especially for your base. get Yogscat
    panda back on Minecraft to!

  5. Comment by Rowan Mackenzie:

    I’m going to install a teleport network using power…..why didn’t you just
    use EU’s elevators? I can understand if you want to teleport along the x
    and z axis, but otherwise, elevators are insanely cheap for the amount of
    resources you have

  6. Comment by The Fallout Raider:


  7. Comment by Gio:

    Wait, dont Obsidian tool parts require the smeltery normally?

  8. Comment by KaiserAfini:

    Oh, so that explains where he got the beheading blade in the blood and
    chaos episode.

  9. Comment by Timothy Kim:

    Personally I don’t like mekenism mostly because thermal expantion does the
    job. I love lemmings mods (thermal expantion, redstone arsenal, etc.
    Instead of just doing mekenism may do some other mods?

  10. Comment by Joseph Day:

    Can’t you use elevator blocks from open block.

  11. Comment by Jordan Wharmby:

    I might be an idea to put a “drop box” on each floor the leads to the
    sorting system so that he can just dump stuff in it. This will enable him
    to keep a cleaner inventory. Good vid an keep the coming.

  12. Comment by enderprises:

    My guess is thaumcraft is being covered later.

  13. Comment by Gert Verhoek:

    Why dont you just use elevator blocks

  14. Comment by I_Can_Twerk_Like_Miley:

    Hey guys, don’t you think Will should make a video showing people’s
    reactions too his base on the server? :D

  15. Comment by Freeky Beast:

    Will can you tell me how you have mapwriter working with the BdCraft
    sounds, i tried and it isnt working its just a black map can you tell me

  16. Comment by TheOnlyTerra:

    You should bonemeal the grass outside the tower, that always makes it look
    nicer :)

  17. Comment by Mats Berglund:

    You could use the OpenBlocks Elevator blocks, but this is pretty cool. 

  18. Comment by John Worrell:

    Why don’t you just use elevator blocks? Your tower has an even 1-block
    center, so it would even look good.

  19. Comment by Black Shadow:

    Will, are you planning on covering the sorting system (of course not
    knowing or remembering if this version is permanent or temporary solution

    Besides that still loving this series, hoping to see a lot more episodes :D

  20. Comment by Oliver Page:

    Why didnt he just use open block teleporters, they require no power and use
    up a tiny bit of xp

  21. Comment by YOGSCAST Will:

    Today I build a Mekanism Teleport network for the tower!
    Because elevator blocks are just not technical enough!
    *Remember Minecraft is on Saturday and Sunday*

  22. Comment by ShadowWolfGames:

    Will! teleport = wizardry m you traitor

  23. Comment by sneeziet:

    I think will is the only productive member of the yogscast 

  24. Comment by ShadowWolfGames:

    17.05 what is the music?

  25. Comment by Patrick Henry:

    The redstone fountains look good, but I recommend a netherbrick fence
    around it for additional beauty 

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