Xbox Live and Playstation Network HACKED?!

Xbox Live and Playstation Network HACKED?!


  1. Comment by TmarTn:

    Xbox Live and Playstation Network HACKED?! 

  2. Comment by OG dank:

    i hacked into ur mum last nite with my 8inch navy seel cok u sqeeker 

  3. Comment by Jake Bolo:

    There actually hacking cause Xbox and play station just agreed to stream
    “the Interview”.

  4. Comment by Hello Hercules:

    Hi Tmartn, when did the Playstation and Xbox network get hacked? My best
    friend Billy and I were playing CoD all day on Christmas day in the UK, we
    did not suffer any connection issues. :) Are you sure the networks were
    hacked? I asked my mummy what is the definition of hack? My mummy is
    blonde, slim and a milf, do you want to know what my mummy said? 

  5. Comment by 6ix Ting:

    Lol psn servers are trash . Xbox been up for hours and psn is still down .
    Their servers are always down . My son can’t even make an account . I’m
    going to switch to the one

  6. Comment by GabeNoob27:

    Is tmartn fucking high? Xbox hasn’t been ddosed at all today nor yesterday
    I have been on and off and have never been given a error code nor had
    problems psn is down cause Sony sucks dick at upgrading security Microsoft
    upgraded their security already 

  7. Comment by BlargnCheese:

    Lizard Squad posted today that they are no longer going to attack Xbox Live
    and PSN.
    So we’re fine.

  8. Comment by JDMancuso I:

    lmao maybe it was a good thing because all you nerds are crying over an
    inanimate piece of plastic. Maybe you should go outside for a day

  9. Comment by Omar Menedez:

    I never really understand the point of hackers. I mean what do you expect
    me to cry and beg for my internet/psn/xbox live, back? Lol no i got better
    things to do instead of whining over useless technology! My point of view
    about this “Lizard Squad” is that they are wanna be big time hackers and
    hoping to get recognized alot for what they do hoping to put fear into
    people and make them aware of their presence! Well i seriously hope their
    reading this comment because you all are nothing but a bunch of low life
    hackers thinking that you’re actually gonna make a difference in the gaming
    world! Like seriously do something more useful in society! But i don’t know
    what I’m talking about I’m only 13 years old and no nothing of how the
    world really works!

  10. Comment by Justin Itdoesntmatter:

    I just don’t get why these guys are not in jail. Ddosing just one house is
    illegal let alone Microsoft and Sony. We know their addresses and names why
    not go to their house and arrest these degenerate losers.

  11. Comment by UG- RaiD3N:

    Soo Tmartn, when are u gonna play a real game instead of the same,OVERRATED
    game? Huh? Never okay okay just checking

  12. Comment by hismajesty653:

    PSN – Completely Down
    Xbox Live – Still some limited online functionality available.

    Turns out your beloved PS4 isn’t as “TOUGH” as you thought it was fannyboys

    Just saying. Food for thought.

  13. Comment by Ricky V:

    I can’t even sign in PS3 on my account

  14. Comment by Sinister Bull:

    Bullshit there doing it for shits and giggles my ass there doing it to help
    sony and Microsoft 

  15. Comment by spurs4lyf2006:

    Finest squad are also working together with anonymous. Anonymous are after
    lizard’s sqauds heads

  16. Comment by AsianG0D:

    Uh Xbox is fine now, and if you guys still wondering about psn? Sony took
    down the server this time to fix something (probably server security) and
    it should be back by tomorrow morning :) last gen been working until like
    5-6pm today for this only reason.

  17. Comment by Montreal Canadiens:

    Why is everyone respecting Anonymous? Aren’t they the ones that hacked Psn
    back in the Black Ops 1 days?

  18. Comment by MadaFactXUDead1:

    Yea.. I just got a new ps4 for Christmas and can’t play online or make an
    account hopefully they can fix it soon :):(

  19. Comment by gaming_nation:

    Doesn’t matter what you say, I’m sticking with PlayStation.

  20. Comment by All Star Reviews:

    One more thing when I find out who it was for sure I will cut there head

  21. Comment by Kim Jong Uno:

    I had no problems at all
    I got AW for Xbox 360 on christmas and have been playing it nonstop
    But my friend who is a ps4 player wanted to buy far cry 4 on christmas with
    money he got but he can’t even log into his account
    So I hope they fix it soon so I don’t have to listen to him bitching

  22. Comment by Kevvy Bearr:

    Haha psn gets hacked again

  23. Comment by Tucker Strawser:

    I think the title should be PlayStation and Xbox live hacked.

  24. Comment by Piano Gaming:

    L I Z A R D S Q U A D H A C K E D T H I S C O M M E N T Y O U C A N T L I K
    E I T

  25. Comment by XXLE6IT2:

    Wat if sony & microsoft hired them? Impossible but imagine it…

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