WWE Network: WWE Too Hot for TV – “Bloopers and Blunders” sneak peek

WWE Network: WWE Too Hot for TV – “Bloopers and Blunders” sneak peek


  1. Comment by mhas nexon:

    USA is the cancer of the World

  2. Comment by SOUL TAKER:

    “And they call you the big show?” lol I miss how funny some of those
    segments used to be everything is to corny now days.

  3. Comment by Samuel Torbett:

    lol i love how paul was still in character when the sledgehammer broke 

  4. Comment by DethMetLKhaos:

    Paul Bearer cursing might be my new favorite thing in the world xD

  5. Comment by Haroon Hussain:

    I swear WWE should stop breaking kayfabe – It spoils the magic

  6. Comment by Angel G:

    Who was that with Big Show? Triple H?

  7. Comment by KevServo:

    If these clips were Too Hot for TV, why were they shown on TV?

  8. Comment by Sha Kann:


  9. Comment by SomeRandomDoctor:

    I feel like Jericho and Christian had to have been wearing something skin
    colored under the towels, it just couldn’t have been aired other wise.

  10. Comment by Jai Brooks:

    WWE is fake, everybody is actor 

  11. Comment by TheGamingGengar:

    How about that classic mom3nt at Wrestlemania 20 where triple h accidentaly
    tapped out to himself

  12. Comment by Kaesi Opara:

    Kayfabe is officialy dead

  13. Comment by Safe Wake:

    Great agility by Orton! lol xD

  14. Comment by Cesaro Guy:

    Get the towels!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Comment by Lawrence Drew:

    Kinda wish this sort of stuff wasn’t so accessible to the fans that only
    know the PG-era…

  16. Comment by EWWanimation:

    :D haha Matt Hardy!
    Justin Gabriel: “WTF!”

  17. Comment by bigdrew002:

    Can anyone actually find it or was this meant for next week. Seasons
    beatings is the only new one available to watch. 

  18. Comment by john smith:

    Nowadays every backstage segment is a terribly boring Authority argument
    that goes on for about 10min. The struggle is real.

  19. Comment by Tellthatruth:

    Those were the days. The writing these days is just so atrocious. I feel
    bad for the wrestlers. They have so much talent, and when they entertain
    us, they do it in spite of the creative team, not because of them. Now,
    NXT? NXT is talent AND writing done right.

  20. Comment by kronvlat:

    Yes! something on the Network i’m excited to see!

  21. Comment by pokemon4833:

    randy could have been really injured .. thats now funny wwe. .

  22. Comment by Luis Gutierrez:

    This is more Entertainment than watch 3 hours of boring Raw

  23. Comment by Manahari Dahal:

    When backstage segments used to be funny.

  24. Comment by General Zod:

    Now I wish I had WWE Network :(

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