WWE Network: Warrior – The Ultimate Legend preview

WWE Network: Warrior – The Ultimate Legend preview


  1. Comment by zoombee 713:


  2. Comment by James M:

    First comment

  3. Comment by Henry Yang:


  4. Comment by Muhammad Farhodov:


  5. Comment by William, Sara Wynne:

    4th view :D

  6. Comment by Amith Mooliya:

    First comment oh wait lemme make… Nvm

  7. Comment by Rãÿãńê Phêñø ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ:


  8. Comment by Ahmet ALATEPE:

    2 likes <3 WWE <3

  9. Comment by Tin Nguyen:

    3rd comment and 5th view :3

  10. Comment by Andrew Lau:


  11. Comment by 7moodgamer XP:

    I love seth roliins

  12. Comment by LB 33 C'S:

    Dawm WWE network must be doing bad!

  13. Comment by awesome1ru:

    These vids are getting shorter 

  14. Comment by awesome1ru:

    There’s no story of how he made it in his first years. Can’t believe he
    didn’t record any

  15. Comment by Kycro:

    first dislike yayyyy

  16. Comment by Herkus Rudzinskas:

    No matter what The Rock will always be the best

  17. Comment by Steven Moutoux:

    wow i cant beleave they let us make a comment

  18. Comment by Maryinal Othman:

    RIP ultimate warrior

  19. Comment by iwc logic:

    If warrior debuted today he would be the most loved then hated wrestler

  20. Comment by man of awesomeness:

    Under 301 views. Proudest moment of my life 

  21. Comment by Youko Kurama:

    Hey guys remember the self destruction of the ultimate warrior 

  22. Comment by Vangard Arsenal:

    R.I.P Warrior u”ll be missed

  23. Comment by Tyler Linskey:

    RIP my favorite WWF / WWE wrestler

  24. Comment by Brian Mejia:

    RIP Ultimate Warrior

  25. Comment by wrestlingbrian123:

    Former WWE Champion The Ultimate Warrior RIP.

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