WWE Network: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin makes WWE Tough Enough Season 5 contestants prove their worth

WWE Network: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin makes WWE Tough Enough Season 5 contestants prove their worth


  1. Comment by John Albaan:

    OMG, it’s *Saeed Punk vs. CmPuke* August 15 only at the Saeed Punk channel,
    it has been announced 1 hour ago! #SaeedvPuke

  2. Comment by BingTheKing:


  3. Comment by Skyticluz:


  4. Comment by Formula Gaming:

    Breaking news: Saeed punk should kill himself

  5. Comment by Phil Brooks:

    Who is Saeed Punk ?

  6. Comment by KEVIN ORENS:

    *BREAKING NEWS: Saeed Punk announced it’s him vs. CmPuke at SUMMERSLAM! go
    check out his latest vid, and sub to Saeed Punk, **#Saeedmovement*

  7. Comment by Alejandro Sanchez:

    Some 1 report all saeed punk comments and his channel now. I’m tired of
    seeing it

  8. Comment by Eerah Rahumat:

    OMG everyone is spelled by saaed punk who is that? 

  9. Comment by Jose Angleblade:

    Lets start a war!

  10. Comment by Deez Nubs:

    This summer just keeps getting better and better
    *Saeed Punk vs. CmPuke August 15*
    i can’t wait X:D

  11. Comment by TheRicksay:

    Sayed punk?

  12. Comment by Slickk Rickk:

    Luke got robbed

  13. Comment by Janardan G:

    Full hair Dean ambrose lol

  14. Comment by Wreckless Intent:

    Its time we put a stop to these saeed punk comments

  15. Comment by Hi My Name Is What My Name Is Mike Jones! xD:

    Wtf does this video has anything to do with saeed punk?

  16. Comment by Red John:

    Nobody is safe from Brock Lesnar.
    Brock Lesnar is the one true beast WWE needs.

  17. Comment by Vampil 21:

    WWE please disable comment section to make these saeed punk trolls stop

  18. Comment by tony nguyen:

    Whos saaed punk that everyone is talking about in the comments??

  19. Comment by DatGamingBeast:

    Who made it?

  20. Comment by Gorgeous Maria Sharapova we love you:

    I can do better than this , I wish was in US right now . Are these audition
    in Europe 

  21. Comment by AntiCmpunk90:

    Stone Cold Jobber Austin

  22. Comment by Hawk:

    Alicia Fox vs Melina

  23. Comment by ISetYourFaceOnFire:

    it’s too bad schedule conflicts stopped austin from being in the new tough
    enough season. He was the best by far. His promo out of nowhere to paul
    heyman on the network podcast was incredible. Dude can turn it on and off
    like it’s nothing. If anyone knows how a promo should be done, it’s austin.

  24. Comment by TurbanatorGamer:

    I haven’t seen one saeed punk comment on here or am I blind? Why is
    everyone talking about him? I saw him commenting in another video but
    haven’t seen him on here lol

  25. Comment by Yakki Onigiri Zoro:

    Say, whatever happened to the Tough Enough winner on that season? Andy was

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