WWE Network: John Cena and JBL’s New York City Parking Lot Brawl – The Great American Bash 2008

WWE Network: John Cena and JBL’s New York City Parking Lot Brawl – The Great American Bash 2008


  1. Comment by Super Scarlet Speeder:

    What type of match is this ?

  2. Comment by NachoManRandySavage:

    We need another parking lot brawl.

  3. Comment by Alejandro Casate:

    I like this match one of my favorites its awesome wwe should do more
    backstage brawls i like those

  4. Comment by Alexander rusev:

    I’m first it’s my birthday

  5. Comment by CCW:

    The one with Eddie and cena is better

  6. Comment by Robert Cook:

    WWE needs more parking lot brawls.

  7. Comment by Jennifer Robinson:

    Their “I Quit” match was better, imo…

  8. Comment by The Reality Era:

    WTF? This isn’t PG!!

  9. Comment by Tom Rise:

    even at the start of the PG era we had some great moments and matches, this
    match is a prime example

  10. Comment by The Reality Era:

    Ryback and Big Show should have had backstage brawl or Seth Rollins and
    Dean Ambrose

  11. Comment by Sunil Lamichhane:

    cenation time….

  12. Comment by White Walker:

    WWE needs more blood

  13. Comment by JawsChannelTv:

    Add when this company really knew how to entertain. I miss those days

  14. Comment by RingsidewrestlingLI:

    this was at the nassau coliseum

  15. Comment by Slickk Rickk:

    JBL greatest heel ever

  16. Comment by MrDylanJoshua:

    This was cool

  17. Comment by TobiDaJoker:

    Woah, Cena looks pretty much the exact same in 7 years XD

  18. Comment by Keenan IR:

    his brawl with eddie was better

  19. Comment by xL2Hx Ajbennett1:

    Cena vs Eddie Guerrero Parking Lot Brawl was better

  20. Comment by SETH ROLLINS:

    I miss this cena :(

  21. Comment by Puneet Tokhi:

    Just two words “RUTHLESS AGGRESSION”

  22. Comment by Luke Garrett:

    Before wwe ruined cena 

  23. Comment by Hayabusa:

    Daniel Bryan is done… Its due to concussions not neck injury

  24. Comment by spllitz:

    1. Pause the video
    2. Press 2.
    3. Enjoy

  25. Comment by xpac101000:

    I remember this match. This match was awesome

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