WWE Network – free for May

WWE Network – free for May


  1. Comment by Rachel Ross:

    Free for Two months in a row? WWE must be desperate.

  2. Comment by UCWL Network - JackAmbrose:

    So what will long term subscribers get?

  3. Comment by STING STING:

    Saeed Punk is the best Wrestler alive today

  4. Comment by Lee Preece:

    Wasn’t April free also yet I still got charged £9.99 

  5. Comment by TheGamingGengar:

    I thought april was free aswell

  6. Comment by Slickk Rickk:

    Why don’t they just take netflix’s method where new subscribers get the
    first month free trial version instead of doing so many free months the
    network loses value like that

  7. Comment by RandomWWE1043:


  8. Comment by Michaelz Show:

    It’s pathetic how Ziggler fans are bashing Saeed Punk for a video

  9. Comment by Dem KentaLouka:

    Ziggler fans are such crybabys..

  10. Comment by Tom Williams Productions:

    I must say guys, I’ve been a subscriber since january and all the free
    months are getting ridiculous now, maybe extend the free months to
    subscribers too seems to me like your loyal solid subscribers are losing
    out to fair weather fans who jump on for the free months

  11. Comment by John Mojo:

    Ziggler fans need to chill out on the saeed punk thing

  12. Comment by Grims Toyshow:

    Dolph Jobber fans are attacking Saeed Punk like 24/7 for a damn video
    It’s a fact that ziggler can’t wrestle DEAL WITH IT

  13. Comment by Chris Tucker:

    Dolph Ziggler fans need to chill out on the Saeed Punk video thing lol

  14. Comment by Big Match John:

    Saeed Punk will beat ziggler at may 18th in hes vid becuse duhh its on hes
    own channel now can we please end this

  15. Comment by MrXmurderer Davis:

    Who is saaed punk? 

  16. Comment by iLu F IF Yx Ac IE:

    well, you would have my money IF YOU FINALLY BRING IT TO GERMANY I DON’T
    PAY 25 BUCKS A PPV IT SUCKS F U MAXDOME…until the day it comes to germany
    i support some other sites

  17. Comment by PAC-ATTACK-MAN:

    Let’s just make every month free yay!!!
    – Wwe

  18. Comment by Cesaro Guy:

    C’mon wwe
    You don’t have to give it for free
    Bring it to Europe and you can have our money.

  19. Comment by EagleEdStudios:

    Everyone here is talking bout Saeed Punk… I just want to know what the
    song is.

  20. Comment by KodyRF1993:

    man, WWE is desperate as hell for customers. The number of subscribers must
    be atrocious

  21. Comment by TheAwfulOne:

    What do I get for actually subscribing though? Am I missing something or is
    it just a little unfair I pay for every month yet they are giving away a
    tone of months?

  22. Comment by Cesaro:

    Damn, I might as well cancel my subscription. They’ve been giving out
    freebies for what, 6 months now?

  23. Comment by WWE King Of Fans® #WWEKOF:

    Promo for WWE Network being free in May:

  24. Comment by The Superman Roman Reigns #BelieveThat:

    WWE Network Is Free For Full May Month Including One Night Of The #WWE
    #Payback Promo

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