WWE Network: “Batista – I Walk Alone” sneak peek

WWE Network: “Batista – I Walk Alone” sneak peek


  1. Comment by Jon snow:

    Batista vs taker at Wm23 was batista best match there feud was amazing over
    a Year build .

  2. Comment by Ranaldy Galla:

    Batista is without a doubt one of the greatest superstar to ever step foot
    in the wwe. He is a LEGEND. 

  3. Comment by Andrew Moulds:

    Must be making a return soon! 

  4. Comment by Gerson Zavala:

    Batista or Shawn should’ve broken the streak 

  5. Comment by Hodor:

    Man i miss batista


    I want Jeff Hardy back :(

  7. Comment by Josh Rollins:


  8. Comment by Michael42 Prime:

    Damn I loved this Batista! 

  9. Comment by Andrey Sales:

    Yeah … déjavù … everyone miss Batista and when he returns 80% boo him,
    what a joke.

  10. Comment by FCBrock 101:

    Batista > Gayreigns and Daniel Bryan

  11. Comment by BuzzardFollower:

    I hope he comes back soon,

  12. Comment by Luis Roulette:

    Drax The Destroyer would have beaten Taker

  13. Comment by SGW Wrestling:

    All the “I love and miss Batista” comments but when he came back every took
    a massive
    dump on him.. I know he was booked badly but it’s still funny lol

  14. Comment by KVK Studios:

    Batista : I Walk Alone
    Roman : Never Alone
    Axelmania : Forever Alone

  15. Comment by Koji Birriel:

    So now people wants Batista to comeback after they all booed him out? WWE
    Universe logic.

  16. Comment by ori zach:

    says “new beyond the ring” goes to the network, checks, this beyond the
    ring is from 2009 :

  17. Comment by Gulevski1:

    Batista was booed because of his skinny jeans 

  18. Comment by ThePieMan305:

    Everyone: “aw I miss batista”
    Everyone *when batista returns*: bluetista bootista nuu I wike danwul
    bwyaan boooo booo waaaahhh waahhhh

    Shut up IWC hypocrites. All they do is ask for whatever isn’t happening.
    When it’s happening they hate it, when it’s not happening they want it and
    hate everything else. 

  19. Comment by Johnnyboy3074:

    People who boo batista. Are obviously from this new pg era. 

  20. Comment by Chris Vega:

    This Right here Arguably one of the greatest Undertaker Feuds in his 25
    year career, vs. Batista
    – Streak vs Championship (Wrestlemania23)
    – Last Man Standing (BackLash)
    – Steel Cage (Smackdown Episode)
    – Stone Cold Steve Austin as Special Guest Referee (Cyber Sunday)
    – Hell In A Cell (Survivor Series) AND
    – Chairs Match (TLC 2009)

  21. Comment by Jr Vasquez:

    Batista had a better match than Brock lesner it was just amazing 

  22. Comment by Hamzanext cs:

    man we want BATISTA back maybe Wrestlemania 32 BATISTA VS BROCK LESNAR

  23. Comment by « josε lukyαnovα »:

    This ‘Batista’ was the better.

  24. Comment by Yves Heinrich:

    The second he decides to retire, he’ll be inducted into the upcoming Hall
    of Fame! And it better happen!

  25. Comment by Jimmie Hernandez:

    Since day 1 I’ve been a batista fan, he’s always been a humble guy despite
    all the fame. I made a tribute video for him a year ago. All the real
    batista fans should check it out.
    Search: “WWE Batista tribute (HD1080p)
    Click on the one with my name. Thanks

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