WWE Breaking News: WWE Tough Enough to Return on USA Network 2015

WWE Breaking News: WWE Tough Enough to Return on USA Network 2015


  1. Comment by Alex Camaj:

    1 view yea 1st comment SMD

  2. Comment by SeanzViewEnt:

    WWE Breaking News: WWE Tough Enough to Return on USA Network 2015

  3. Comment by Hasan FC:

    thank god, something fresh!!!!

  4. Comment by Milly Figueroa:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  5. Comment by EpicGamer20100:

    where did Andy Leavine go?

  6. Comment by CSR Kicks:

    Whatever happened too big Andy?

  7. Comment by Based_god_11:

    Andy one the last one and never came to wwe facts 

  8. Comment by Darrin Campbell:

    This would be awesome if it wasn’t so fake. The last time tough enough was
    on. The wwe already knew who was winning and who wasn’t. Cameron was on
    tough enough and was eliminated and was sent to fcw. It’s staged from the
    word go. The last time the guy that was supposed to win didn’t because .The
    wwe didn’t like the way he was throwing how good he was in other people’s
    faces. It rubbed them the wrong way. So they let a guy win who had more
    respect but fair less talent. And he never even made it out of fcw. I
    believe it will be staged again but hopefully this time the guy who wins
    will actually make it to tv. At least i hope so! Lol!!!

  9. Comment by Brandon Hurley:

    Wish I was old enough to apply :-(

  10. Comment by Jhomarie Manzano:

    Love tough enough

  11. Comment by LB ClashofKings:

    I don’t see the actual point of doing another Tough Enough being now we
    have NXT? Unless the cast of Tough Enough will be NXT Talents who haven’t
    debuted on NXT TV yet cause that has to be the most logical reason why is
    bringing Tough Enough back for Season 6?

  12. Comment by Solomon:

    It still pisses me off how a hairhatted slut like Cameron is the only one
    in Tough Enough 2011 that’s in the WWE. But I guess that’s why Tough Enough
    is basically scripted. Whatever happen to that Andy guy?

  13. Comment by Jose Angleblade:

    I feel that 2015 is gong to be a good year, the only thing that can ruin it
    is Roman Reigns becoming Champion

  14. Comment by Jordan Turner:


  15. Comment by Jordan Turner:


  16. Comment by Vexous Ultotronous:

    I’m glad to see this back. Now we can see some new faces that aren’t from
    other promotions or the indies…….

  17. Comment by 2010rawVSsmackdown:

    I’mso happy! :-)

  18. Comment by w a kelly:

    would u consider joining Tough Enough Sean?

  19. Comment by Brandon Ninja:

    Why what’s the point they have NXT?

  20. Comment by Cancerous4Skies:

    Believe it or not ive been waiting years for this again

  21. Comment by joe b:

    Why? They should work on improving raw and smackdown anybody from tough
    enough is going to be on NXT anyway oh well looks like WWE is going under
    this is exactly what WCW did with the power plant just a waste of time. I
    predict if things do not change WWE is out of business in next 5 years or
    less it is going to implode terrible writing looks like the same old
    rehashed stuff from last year the authority ganging up on Bryan wow the WWE
    ratings suck 

  22. Comment by Jeremy White:

    I think tough enough coming back to USA Network is really great I was a fan
    of the show eversince it debut. 

  23. Comment by Rey Dominguez:

    They should put it on E! or MTV it went very well for Total Divas

  24. Comment by Mercedes Carbullido:

    When tho what day 

  25. Comment by Silver Beast:

    So are they going to let this new person or whoever wins wrestle this time?

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