Tour of my home network.

Tour of my home network.


  1. Comment by ricochet08:

    inspiration for when i finally close on a house. thanks for sharing!

  2. Comment by d williams:

    that’s the way to do it.

  3. Comment by barath4545:

    Impressive cable setup. I rancables as well cause I have this nagging
    feeling that too much wireless leads to longterm cancer and that we will
    find out in 40 yrs time or so. Probably nothing too serious to worry about
    in reality, but I stick to cables as well, simply for speed and the old “it
    always works” things.

    I would never use all those Macs myself, but I think the garage computer is
    brilliant and the idea of having the “kid cave” near your “lab” is great so
    they (a) don’t hovel up in their rooms alone and (b) if they are sub-12,
    you can surveilance their internet use a bit without it looking suspicious
    to them.

    I bet your wife did a Marge-hrrrmmmm! when she discovered you pointed out
    her setup being the messy one xD

    In conclusion, I do thing sort of like you, and my plan for the future is
    90% of what you got with less volume of devices bc less kids than you and
    no house(flat). Laser ftw btw.

  4. Comment by Technigeek:

    i kinda like it , even though i think its more like a data center not a

  5. Comment by mitino aiken:

    Its aight

  6. Comment by Jake Sawatzky:

    all you need is a standard wireless router and a computer with a backup

  7. Comment by Gypsy Bostwick:

    Very nice setup for a SOHO!! Your wife and my wife look like they took
    interior decorating together. Does your wife complain about the nerdyness?
    Mine does. You have excellent points about Ethernet. Anyone who believes
    that a wireless access point from Comcast is enough, obviously hasn’t run a
    lot of data through their network! Looks great and organized!! Thanx for

  8. Comment by SuperGxforce:

    mac mini here, mac mini there.
    Mac mini everywhere! D:

  9. Comment by GCMaxProductions:

    You need to drink the windex you have on the counter because the world does
    not want your cheap mac network.

  10. Comment by jeckulz:

    NICE set up man :)

  11. Comment by Angel Kanchev:

    Too much not needed Apple stuff.
    Good network tho!

  12. Comment by Torkaly Melden:

    The switch and cabel management is realy nice. Why you dont get *one*
    NAS-machine with RAID5/6 HDD-Setup instead of 4 external HDDs? And why the
    heck are you using only Macs? Also why the port tags are on the switches
    and not on the cables?

  13. Comment by esesolox3:

    fucking autism!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everywhere

  14. Comment by Jason vorhees:

    Off the topic but charter?!,?? Your in oregon too

  15. Comment by nutellagnuen:

    Is it you Microsoft Sam???

  16. Comment by Ravias20:

    Fiber? I have fiber and that is fast!

  17. Comment by Salster18:

    You are living the dream, man.

  18. Comment by Abestar123:

    No patch panel, using the the modem from your ISP, everything is mac and
    running externals instead of a actual NAS box….. an impressive home
    network if you don’t know much about network hardware.

  19. Comment by andybruintje:

    nice network..but it would just use PC’s and Micro PCs with cat 6 or more.

  20. Comment by Se7enAte:

    I saw all the ethernet switches and instantly thought “wow what a waste of
    time and money” but then after explaining it I understand. It’s more than I
    would ever use but if the have the need, make it work

  21. Comment by FidzoOoO:

    looks cool but its useless, i have the same at home and its a looooot

  22. Comment by Jon MRC:

    I feel like this is overkill for crappy computers that wouldn’t need it, im
    sure 2 routers could provide enough wireless bandwidth for every device.
    Maybe not with the assurance of losing one packet but thats not really
    needed when youre just surfing the net. 

  23. Comment by Adam Salevid:

    Probably the most horrible voice i’ve EVER heard.

  24. Comment by Cloud Twirler:

    You know what I have. I have a single modem. It supplies wireless
    connection all devices in my house that need it. It works well. It’s not
    expensive. It doesn’t cost more in power than my internet does. It doesn’t
    take up a closet. It didn’t take a lot of time to set up. It doesn’t make
    noise. Good day to you sir. Joke’s on you and your outdated Ethernet

  25. Comment by Ryan Elkochta:

    Wow. You think any of that is cheap, even used? Lucky. I would love to have
    a network like this. I’m only 12 so let’s see how that goes.

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