Top Twenty MegaMan Battle Network NetNavis (Part 2)

Top Twenty MegaMan Battle Network NetNavis (Part 2)


  1. Comment by The Quarter Guy:

    Part 2 of my MegaMan Battle Network collab with Green Scorpion!

  2. Comment by KIGA KnightInGoldenArmor:

    Retro Scorpion
    You fucking genius, that’s brilliant

  3. Comment by Mario Tomic:

    5:51 Brilliant 

  4. Comment by Ultimateregion:

    um why is there Bayonetta music

  5. Comment by TerravancerYoh:

    With a name like Serenade, did you expect anything other than something
    incredibly divine?


    Also, interesting use of the >9000 joke with the Axem Rangers, since their
    SMBZ design uses Megaman Sprites.

  6. Comment by The Rogueshadow75:

    Nice job once again!

  7. Comment by Djoing:

    No mention of the theory on who serenade’s operator is?
    Okay then.

  8. Comment by Konfusion64:

    I wanted to get in a BattleNetwork game, but I don’t know which one to
    start with.
    Any suggestions?
    PS: awesome collab-list, dudes, HAVE A GOOD ONE! :D

  9. Comment by Golden14Wolf:

    I think I’m going to enjoy fighting Dark Man when I get to him. When I
    actually sit down and give Battle Network the game time it deserves.

  10. Comment by SmashBros2009:

    Minor nitpicks, Guts soul actually requires cracking chips and Shadow soul
    required Invis chips. Nonetheless, awesome navis.:D

  11. Comment by Swedish X:

    I actually give Zero.EXE some benefit to his design due to the callback to
    the fact Zero was built as a means to fulfill Wily’s ambitions. And the
    fact Zero.EXE is a virus rather than a Navi also calls back to the fact the
    Maverick Virus was born through Zero.

    Not the greatest redesign of our favorite Maverick Hunter, but I give
    credit to the effort. 

  12. Comment by R Guillaume:

    I wonder if Shadowman was taking lessons from Strider Hiryu………who
    knows? Would’ve been awesome!—-HF64V1

  13. Comment by andoykids:

    My hair is on fire!
    10: A fun one and a classic as well =). And I dont understand that Guts Man
    butt thing
    9: Now that is a badass design!
    8: Damn! But cool design!
    7: Lovely genie design! I’ll just refer this navi as a he.
    6: Ninjariffic!

  14. Comment by Ner0mancer:

    Somewhere around 301st

  15. Comment by knightof3ds:

    You forgot to mention Shadowmans Chaos Union in BN5, it may be up to the
    computer but you cannot get hit.

  16. Comment by fahad al-hajri:

    what is the music played at 9:50 till the end of the video?

  17. Comment by JadenXDemonMan:

    0:05 – 0:12 LOL I loved that piece of audio when I watched Dexter’s
    Laboratory. Loved that show too bad I’ve heard news that his voice actress
    is gone now…She will be missed for the iconic characters she’s voiced.

  18. Comment by pichugirl6:

    I can’t help but think of many possible netnavis will be on the Top 5.
    Roll, Protoman, “Him”, possibly Shademan, Cosmoman, Punkman, Metalman, gahh
    so many!!

  19. Comment by shadowlinkbds:

    I predict that Bass, Protoman, Knightman, Shademan, and Elecman will be in
    the top 5.

  20. Comment by Neal Whitney:

    Wow, shadowman is your fifth favorite robot master AND net navi

  21. Comment by Kuja's Spirit:

    I personally see Serenade as a female. Though “he/she” makes “him/herself”
    look like the imposing Bishonen, but Serenade looks pretty awesome. CURSE

  22. Comment by Vanitas Reborn:

    Did not like what they did too Zero.

  23. Comment by Neochaos90:

    0:07 Nice Dexter’s Lab reference. ^^ It’s sad that his VA passed away
    though. *sighs*

  24. Comment by GaiaNex:

    I wish you guys could have gone over Serenade’s theory: that it has and
    operator, a certain sick child you meet in BN 3.

  25. Comment by Auraspeed:

    What was the song you guys played when you went over Colonel?

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