The Weather Network stopped by RCMP in Nova Scotia

The Weather Network stopped by RCMP in Nova Scotia


  1. Comment by Brenda O'Connell:

    funny. He is in Yarmouth. Very cold wet and windy here.

  2. Comment by Dorothy Bush:

    Ha! That’s funny…

  3. Comment by Dave Turner:

    When they find him, give him the death penalty.

  4. Comment by 5british5:

    so an illegal stop …..

  5. Comment by Bev Carroll:
  6. Comment by DirectorRico:

    Love you Canada

  7. Comment by brennw:

    So Canadian 

  8. Comment by MrYngwie69:

    for gods sake dont run……. u will get shot

  9. Comment by Anne Louise MacDonald:

    well you by line IS be prepared for anything! hahaha

  10. Comment by TheHatorihanzoe:

    Difference between Canadian police and USA police 

  11. Comment by Anthony Horner:


  12. Comment by daniel higgins:

    Haha. Real fucking funny. They think it’s a nice joke to pull someone over,
    and waste his time, maybe scare the shit out of him.

  13. Comment by Chris Greenlee:

    There’s a pun in there somewhere. I know it.

  14. Comment by maurizius27:

    A strange publicity stunt, to show just how folksie and jovial they are.

  15. Comment by Ryan Couture:

    *ISIS is behind this.*

  16. Comment by TheGunzdown:


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