The Social Network – Movie Review

The Social Network – Movie Review


  1. Comment by Chris Stuckmann:
  2. Comment by Haruhi Suzumiya:

    This film is so fucking boring and forgettable.

  3. Comment by fearedjackal:

    Seeing ‘Gone Girl’ in half an hour, can’t wait. Good review as always.

  4. Comment by Borat69able:

    You said nothing but positive things about this movie Chris, however you
    gave it just an A. What took away the plus?

  5. Comment by Gavin48:

    An “A”? Why not an “A +”? I enjoy Chris’s videos. But I’ll never understand
    how he can give a glorified Rom Com “Silver linings Playbook” & a self
    indulgent mess “American Hustle” an A+. Yet a smart brilliant movie like
    this he holds off on giving it an A+ 

  6. Comment by Florian Sebastien:

    another great review, I just think the amazing soundtrack is worth
    mentioning. (did it get an award? I think so but i’m not sure though)

  7. Comment by oisin mcmahon:

    Fuck jesse einsenberg 

  8. Comment by HeyTray1:


  9. Comment by Dino Perić:

    I can’t take this review as unbiased because Chris is a huge fanboy of

  10. Comment by basquat76:

    As a film fan you should care if the movie is true or not. It’s sold as the
    truth and it matters. Infact it’s a little irresponsible to not care.

  11. Comment by Allison Krupp:

    I bought this movie on DVD the day it came out! Love this movie so much.
    The score is amazing too!

  12. Comment by Movie Muscle:

    Definitely his best film!

  13. Comment by 倪传历:

    I like the story, but I think Jesse Esinberg’s performance is kinda
    overrated. He played what he always played which is a smart annoying dick. 

  14. Comment by JWUniverse:

    Great review Chris. I loved the acting, characters etc. Only problem is the
    movie is boring and the pacing is slow. But other than that I still give it
    a B+

  15. Comment by StanWilks:

    Great review, Chris! An amazing movie, it’s so well acted and the story is
    very well written. I’m curious, where’s the Alien 3 review?

  16. Comment by The Third Child:

    I’m not really a fan of this movie, but Fincher’s amazing style is what
    makes it watchable. I’ve seen this movie a few times now, but I can’t
    really say I like it. It’s really well made, so that’s what makes it good

  17. Comment by Crumbusto:

    He’s going to review the american girl with the dragon tattoo right?
    Because I’ve only seen the first four movies of the russian (or whatever
    language) version and I thought it was really good.

  18. Comment by connerspencern:

    This is “that-movie-that-I-think-sucks-but-everybody-else-loves”

  19. Comment by Cynima Rapscallion:

    I think you’re gonna be kicking yourself when Armie Hammer actually get’s
    good role. You’re lucky he isn’t Batman, anymore lol. 

  20. Comment by sanyrub:

    I´m sorry but I didn´t enjoy this film at all. I know it is very well
    done… but it lacks emotion. I didn´t care about what was going on and
    didn´t like any character. One of the most boring times at the theatre I´ve
    ever experienced (keep in mind I never go to see bad movies or what looks
    like it will be bad). I think I even disliked Andrew Garfield until he
    thankfully proved me wrong once he took the role of Spiderman. That guy is
    so talented.

  21. Comment by Luis Ramirez:

    i’m a big fincher fan as well… i’ll be there with bells on in the morning
    to hit that matinee

  22. Comment by NationKiwi:

    I really don’t understand why he didn’t give it an A+? It’s like his GBH
    review, he never explained why he negated the +, like with the GOTG review
    he did explain it though. Though it annoys me he holds back on giving
    movie’s like these which he says has one of the greatest scripts of all
    time but then gives a movie like Don Jon an A+…

  23. Comment by SeaSalty:

    So is the Gone Girl review going up today or tomorrow?

  24. Comment by Alan Bilbao:

    This is the film that made me change my mind about Jesse Eisenberg. Up
    until this point I just saw him as another Michael Cera. Who would only be
    stuck playing awkward teens for as long as he looked young. But damn. What
    a performance he gives in this movie. I hadn’t been paying attention to
    this movie when it came out. Then I saw a clip of it at the Oscars. It was
    the scene where the lawyer asks him if he has his full attention. I was
    blown away and rented this movie the next day. I just love this movie. 

  25. Comment by LivingInVancouverBC:

    You look pink. No, it’s not just the shirt. 

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