Stone Cold Podcast with guest Triple H – This Monday on WWE Network after Raw

Stone Cold Podcast with guest Triple H – This Monday on WWE Network after Raw


  1. Comment by Poisonedgt:

    like if ur watching in 2016

  2. Comment by TheKing3234:

    I hope austin hits him with the Cm Punk question

  3. Comment by Alex Monro:

    Hopefully Austin and HHH both look at each other and say “We both know how
    to fix the creative problems” and then they walk off and find Vince and the
    whole podcast is just Vince taking pedigrees and stunners for an hour

  4. Comment by Champion Trainer Red:

    A lot of topics are off limits. Like seriously we need the tell stone cold
    uncensored podcast so that these guys can answer truthfully.

  5. Comment by random2996:

    looking forward to it, austin’s not afraid to ask the hard questions

  6. Comment by Warden LeopardKing:

    You will wonder who is the best person in the world is. It’s you.

  7. Comment by Hayder_786:

    Like if u think sting should face undertaker at WRESLTMANIA 31

  8. Comment by Arun Machanickal:

    It’s funny how these podcasts come at convenient times. The first one came
    after the cm punk podcast and this one is coming after the royal rumble

  9. Comment by thunder emperor:

    U don,t think about miz n mizdow vs sting and undertaker at wm 31

  10. Comment by The Joker:

    My country doesnt have that even tho we have a huge fanbase and in some
    years ago they come here to did a tour
    Hope they can put WWE Network here……

  11. Comment by alexwwe2009:

    lets see if austin asks him about cm punk

  12. Comment by Ryan Skaleta:

    Stone Cold : So Triple H what do you attribute your success too??
    HHH: Well I married the chairmans daughter and kissed ass to get ahead. It
    got me to have 13 world titles over people way more talented than me


    stone bald and nippple face sucks
    both of these jobbbas canttt even wressle and have no mic skilllll lmao
    stone bald dontttt even have hair on his head lmao
    my brocky have fluffffy wonderful pg afro which keeep his head warm in the
    and nippple face have bigggg giant dildo nose which means hes a biggg nose
    jobbbba !
    lmao ,, nipple face sucks
    both those jobbbas are ugly and dumb compare to my sexxy brock lesnar , my
    brock lesnar is a pg legend with a 12 pack
    brock so sexxy he become calvin klein underwear model while nipple face job
    to undertaker and stone bald job to the rock lmao
    my brocky is the bestttt and cute and rules
    brock is love
    brock is life
    in brock , we trust

  14. Comment by Travis williams:

    i hope Stone Cold asks him why him and his out of touch father in law won’t
    give Daniel Bryan a decent run with the wwe world heavyweight championship
    when he’s clearly the most over wrestler on the roster. also if they aren’t
    gonna push the guys we wanna see why should the fans spend money on the

  15. Comment by Vladut Chiciudean:

    I hope Austin will ask this?
    Do you really think that Reigns deserved to win the rumble instead of other
    better talents like Ziggler,Bryan,Wyatt,Rusev or Cesaro?



  17. Comment by DaBluKnight94:

    I really hope they talk about bringing back the cruiserweight just so these
    so called fans get what they want, and I’m talking about Daniel Bryan,
    Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins etc. Just so they can get gold so
    now we don’t have to hear smark complaining every week

  18. Comment by someguy504:

    Vince Mchmahon has become wrestling’s George Lucas. George gave us three
    great movies which were Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of
    The Jedi. Mr Mchmahon gave us three great eras of wrestling which were the
    golden era, the attitude era, and the ruthless aggression era. Then George
    lost his touch and tried to cater towards kids more and made the prequels
    which were trash. Mr Mchmahon also lost his touch and gave us the pg era
    and also started to cater towards kids. So if J.J. Abrams saves the Star
    Wars franchise then Triple H can save the WWE. 

  19. Comment by Titantron MHD:

    He will ask , WHY You and vince had a fetish with muscle guys

  20. Comment by Douglas Vine:

    +WWE could you please change your thumbnails for your YouTube videos. I
    watch the show via the network on the weekends and the thumbnails are often

    For example, I was looking forward to the Daniel Bryan and Kane match on
    smackdown but in the thumbnails I’ve seen Kane in the casket and Daniel
    Bryan doing his yes taunt standing on top of the casket.

    I like the extras but please do consider keeping the thumbnails spoiler


  21. Comment by Yawn Cena sucks:

    Steve should tell Triple H that he should be running the main roster so it
    can be good like nXt #romanreignsandcenasuck

  22. Comment by !! Cool RJ_RoHaN !!:

    “it does’nt matter” ………Roman reigns deserved to be winner nd he is
    the pround winner if u support den hit like……. :) :D

  23. Comment by rata atadesa:

    Lets hope that he brings up the Roman Reigns question: why the hell they
    are pushing a guy who clearly ain’t ready. Got nothing against Roman
    Reigns, one day he will be the top guy but not this year and not with this

  24. Comment by Tristan Edwards:

    I’d like to know why the company doesn’t present at least one show that
    caters to the adult audience, given their average viewer is 44 years old
    and they have a network which can produce whatever kind of content they
    wish and air it at any time they wish. Superstars and Main Event have
    virtually no significance other than to have guys wrestle who aren’t
    popular enough for Raw. You could easily re-brand one to make it more of an
    asset to the company and more enjoyable for the viewing audience. Sure, you
    might argue from a publicly traded company standpoint that all the content
    has to be in line and suitable for everyone – but is the content really
    suitable for everyone if it doesn’t appeal to everyone?

    Also, why does the WWE refuse to make mention of a wrestler’s history
    outside of the company? When you are trying to create characters and build
    believability and legitimacy, why wouldn’t you mention that a talent is a
    former ROH World Champion, especially when the WWE is feeding off their
    roster for their next stars and have made mention of them in The Shield
    special and the CM Punk home video? In real sport, an individual only has
    their name and their track record to date when they move to a big team, but
    the WWE gloss over it and make the top independant wrestlers they acquire
    the same as everyone else. The lack of variety in this sense is tiresome.

  25. Comment by 73bigern:

    Does anyone know if the wwe network accepts reloadable prepaid debit cards
    like the ones you buy at the store

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