Steven Universe Sneak Peek – Story for Steven I Cartoon Network

Steven Universe Sneak Peek – Story for Steven I Cartoon Network


  1. Comment by Marquis Lemalu:

    Can’t wait tell the episode comes out !

  2. Comment by PeridotPenguin:

    Oh man, the art in that clip was beautiful, I can already tell this is
    gonna be a feelsy episode. Can’t wait. ;3

  3. Comment by Nekelen Tinsley:

    Just cant wait for this episode

  4. Comment by shockwaverobo:

    This next episode is easily going to make up for that dumb crossover.

  5. Comment by Sir Kel:

    I wonder of Rose made herself look younger and then older for Greg.

  6. Comment by ElvenSorcerer:

    I’d buy Greg’s album. :) 

  7. Comment by StarlightTwinkle:

    *cries because rose is the only one clapping*

  8. Comment by magnettoa:

    some times you only need one fan to be a true star 

  9. Comment by Latiastuff:


  10. Comment by CalebCraft10:

    Not gonna happen, but does anyone think it would be hilarious if Pearl fell
    in love with a human?

  11. Comment by TheLegend1245:

    The episode a lot of us have been waiting for. How Greg met Rose.

  12. Comment by Jesse Guajardo:

    Is this a flash back episode

  13. Comment by Jorge Soto:

    Me: “Don’t cut to the clapping. Don’t cut to the clapping. Don’t cut to the
    clapping. Don’t cut to the clapping. Don’t cut to the clapping.”
    Show: *Cuts to Rose Quartz clapping*
    Me:”Oh there go the tears!”

  14. Comment by imasupastar11:

    I love Greg, he’s so cute!

  15. Comment by UltimateJKC1994:

    I’ll buy the tissues.

  16. Comment by Jayman493:

    They did a good job making sure Steven inherited features from both his mom
    and dad. 

  17. Comment by cedeelbe:

    I think I can see why she fell for him.

    Heck. I fell for him after seeing that.

  18. Comment by moonchild3131:

    quick question: who else thought young greg was going to be a
    steven-amethyst fusion from the thumbnail? XD
    so many characters with hair as long as their bodies XD
    but i digress, l this looks like it’d be a great episode ^^

  19. Comment by Monte Lowery:

    I don’t know why Greg doesn’t have an audience. This is a good song to me
    :D. I’d buy his entire album

  20. Comment by JaxBlade:

    This Ep is going to Break me ;_;

  21. Comment by Yesenia Rodriguez:

    he so young that not possible! he looked like 37 when rose was pregnant!

  22. Comment by ludacrisluv1:

    how tragic that his music didn’t go far

  23. Comment by TheLastHylianTitan:

    Steven’s dad was so pretty when he was younger.

  24. Comment by Bitsy83:

    Let’s see, beautiful lyrics? Check. Catchy melody? Check. Great vocals?
    Check. Awesome guitar rift? Double-check.
    ……..AND GREG ONLY HAD ONE FAN?!?!?! Was all of Beach City evacuated or

  25. Comment by TheNebulaXYZ:

    Anyone notice how his songs have to do with space in some way?
    I wonder if that’s why it caught Rose’s attention….

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