Space Patrol #5 – “RemoteTech ComSat Network” – modded Kerbal Space Program

Space Patrol #5 – “RemoteTech ComSat Network” – modded Kerbal Space Program


  1. Comment by TheLeftLibertarianAtheist:

    How do you make the voice thing in the intro?

  2. Comment by Evil Sid:


  3. Comment by ThePizzabrothers Gaming:

    you should deploy the parachutes when entering the atmosphere! it will slow
    you down more!

  4. Comment by Bram Ten haken:

    Why aren’t you showing how you build your rockets? 

  5. Comment by Chris Wells:

    I think you’re going to end up regretting using remote tech. I’ve used it
    before and while I like the idea behind it, it gets way too complicated way
    too quickly! It needs to be simplified a little to keep the game fun.

  6. Comment by Eks calybur:

    Why not use Kerbal synchronous orbits for the comsat network?

  7. Comment by Sagga Toure:

    Zisteau you should include the new Mark IV parts. It’s great!

  8. Comment by Slithereenn:

    So, the side of your square cannot exceed 2500 km? That means a diagonal of
    3535 km.
    Kerbin’s radius is 600 km. That gives us maximum possible altitude of
    (3535-600*2)/2=1168 km. Drop some for errors, and you can pretty safely
    raise your satellites to 1000 km high orbits if you need to.

  9. Comment by NaitNait:

    Where are the probes? *detaches the walls* Oh. 

  10. Comment by M J:

    Is it wrong that the intros are my favorite parts of this series?

  11. Comment by Андрей Беньковский:

    In 0.25 version funds to science conversion is completely OP. You already
    can turn on ~30% conversion, and after that entire tree will be unlocked in
    3 – 4 missions. (You will still need to pay entry cost though)

  12. Comment by dawelny rodriguez:

    <3 I love this series 

  13. Comment by kingawsume:

    Can’r wait 4 next episode I subbed because of KSP
    Also, much love to you, Z

  14. Comment by TheLucktown:

    It probably would be best if you made them geo-stational 

  15. Comment by lichgrave:

    dose anyone have links to interstellar and remote tech? i can’t seem to
    find them. 

  16. Comment by Rohan Patel:

    You should do a geostationary orbit so the sati.ite stays in the same place
    at all times.

  17. Comment by UntouchedWagons:

    I like the cold open sequence with the two little dudes.

  18. Comment by Jackal Blades:

    yay kerbal!

  19. Comment by Matt Mellor:

    Kerbal alarm clock mod. Try. Need for rest of life. Allows you to
    automatically change vessel at pois, like transfer windows, soi changes and
    manuever nodes. 

  20. Comment by HTechHD:

    Use near

  21. Comment by Mine Lafter:

    i like the intro most!

  22. Comment by Shlibi:

    Zisteau, I am pretty sure you should be deploying parachutes as early as
    possible for a slower and safer landing, because there’s always the chance
    the chutes will rip on opening.

  23. Comment by I0n1c:

    whers factorio?

  24. Comment by Gamer Legend:

    how do you get all the mods to work because its not for me

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