Regular Show New York Comic Con Sneak Peek – Terror Tales | Cartoon Network

Regular Show New York Comic Con Sneak Peek – Terror Tales | Cartoon Network


  1. Comment by dead0404:


  2. Comment by Kimes763:

    Creepy pasta much!!

  3. Comment by gamefan6219:

    i’m gonna see it. but for now, the cable reciever is broken.

  4. Comment by Amal mc Billan Farah:

    ok this is the scariest episode of all time ohhhhhhhhhhh

  5. Comment by RegularFan101:

    I hope it’s not another CJ/Mordecai centric episode :/

  6. Comment by Garrie channel:

    I disliked it

  7. Comment by The Lego News Reporter:

    I wish Regular Show was an Adult Swim show. Then, we could get the Horror
    Classics. And some cussing here and there.

  8. Comment by Gpninja21:


  9. Comment by coolsnape:

    I wish the panel did more on regular show but Sam martin’s performance was
    hilarious =D

  10. Comment by Anthony Haux:

    Yes, Finally it is back I’m so excited for this year’s episode last years
    episode was Awesome and funny! I am definitely going to watch this! 

  11. Comment by ava7984:

    This is gonnA BE GOOSED

  12. Comment by ShinRyuuken:

    Regular Show doing a creepypasta? haha

  13. Comment by Baileywardpictures:

    Can’t wait!

  14. Comment by eduardo meza:

    What happened to the evil wizard from the first terror tales?

  15. Comment by sleepy James:

    Say what you want about the USA. Their animation is untouchable. CN is not
    just the funniest channel on TV, it is also the most innovative. OOOHHHH

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