PewDiePie Starting a YouTube NETWORK? – Inside Gaming Daily

PewDiePie Starting a YouTube NETWORK? – Inside Gaming Daily


  1. Comment by NEMESIS1999:

    But who the fuk is pewdiepie??? WHy is he so famous??? I never laughed with
    his retarded jokes or his bad english i never enjoyed any of his plays
    because they were lame how in fuk’s name is it possible that this clown be
    so succesful on youtube??? There are 12 year old newcomers here that are
    more original than this clown.

  2. Comment by tyson smith:

    I need to be honest right now, people feel free to get mad I don’t care
    it’s just my opinion, pewdiepie is a dork and does not deserve the views
    and amount of money he makes off YouTube, I think it’s bullshit he makes
    millions off stupid shit, and I think it’s even stupider that people watch
    the guy, what does he even do? Review games n a annoying way and act like a
    idiot while he does? The fuck? There are talented people on YouTube that
    deserves those views, not him, he’s not funny, he’s not talented, and his
    videos are beyond useless? Why does that intrigue people to give him views
    and make him millions? Someone please tell me

  3. Comment by Gayassmarioyoloswag69X:

    This is inside gaming, not inside pewdiepie news i don’t give a fuck about.

  4. Comment by PkmnTrainerMario:

    What the hell is a Pewdiepie?

  5. Comment by TylersInsanity:

    Pewdiepie’s network could be successful if he starts acting like an adult.

  6. Comment by Naruto Uzumaki:

    PewDiePie sucks, Only pathetic losers watch his videos.

  7. Comment by 7orqu3:

    More professional shows ???? IT GUYS PLAYING VIDEO GAMES BADLY WHAT THE
    fucken jew cunt needs to leave this channel hes easily the most annoying
    part of it

  8. Comment by FatalRhinos:

    Why? Just so he can be a pussy there and turn off his own network comments?
    Lmfao this guys a joke.

  9. Comment by JayPlaysGames:

    Pewdiepie sucks ass. Only tween girls and inbred losers watch his brand of
    pathetic unsophisticated drivel. 

  10. Comment by TheIKAIKAIKA:

    I like how people hate on pewds just because he is famous..Sad part is he
    donates so much money and you still guys hate..Tbh he saved countless of
    lifes that needed a smile in their lifes but you still dont like him its my
    opinion but you can say all you want 12 year olds dont watch pewds I am 18
    myself so what? Its funny you say that while you watch fucking Frozen

  11. Comment by Darkgames:

    I’m fine with Pewdiepie. I just hate his fan base.

  12. Comment by DimebagVision:

    MORE with this pewdiefaggotdouche nonsense?
    I unsubbed. Fuck this channel.

  13. Comment by Naruto Uzumaki:

    fuck all the haters I love pewdiepie he is the best youtuber ever!!!!!!

  14. Comment by Ellie Jeffrey:

    It’s about time he started to fucking do something other than scream into a

  15. Comment by Royal Royalnator:

    I believe the question they asked at the end was “What do you think of
    Pewdiepie’s new site? And do you think it will work?” not “TELL US HOW MUCH
    Just to reiterate…

  16. Comment by Hellagay69:

    Felix is also a word for a cat and cat is also known as pussy and pussy is
    also known as a word to describe everyone who watches pewdiepie :) share
    the love 

  17. Comment by Killernaut16:

    So much jealously in the comments, wow, get a life.

  18. Comment by The Darkness Mare:

    I’ll admit I love Pewdiepie’s videos, but the fact that some of his fans
    will go out and attack other YouTubers for playing some of the same games
    as him really bothers me. It’s a free Internet, people can play and make
    content for any game that they want, despite who else played it! Every
    YouTuber is different, with a different sense of humor and style, which is
    why I love this site so much! People just need to learn some common sense
    is all! If someone plays the same game as Pewds, they aren’t copying him,
    they just want to play the game! In conclusion, don’t hate a person over
    his or her fanbase and don’t give someone a bad name by being a bad fan. :/

  19. Comment by Wayne Wainwright:

    Pewdiepie is Hella overrated ik multiple YouTubers that are waaaat better
    than pewdiepie 

  20. Comment by Jose Mendoza:


  21. Comment by Vlaka:

    Why do you keep promoting this talentless fucking hack?

  22. Comment by Turbid TG1:

    I’m strange, he’s strange, I want some Subway.

  23. Comment by Ricardo Hernandez:

    I cant believe kids want to see a grown man scream like a dumbass the hole
    video … 

  24. Comment by madant1977:

    Who the hell watches PewDiePie, except little kids and drunk bros?

  25. Comment by Cryogenic Snowman:

    I hate when haters say “He doesn’t deserve to be number 1!!!!!!”.

    Dumbass, if 30 000 000 decided that they liked his videos and that they’re
    going to subscribe then HE deserves to be number 1. PewDiePie IS funny.
    Just because you don’t like him or because you don’t think he’s funny,
    doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be number 1, because the majority likes his

    So if you’re a hater just shut the fuck up- PLEASE!

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