Network – “I’m as mad as hell” speech [english subtitles]

Network – “I’m as mad as hell” speech [english subtitles]


  1. Comment by Godless Conservative Libertarian:

    The entire population of the United States should be yelling this but
    they’re too busy watching (un)reality TV and cat videos on YouTube.

  2. Comment by Mike Wright:

    I have social anxiety and I’ve had it for around 8 years now, together with
    a deep depression. I am trapped in my apartment I’m living with my mom, and
    it seems like things are getting worse and worse as the past 6 months I’ve
    been getting really drunk too often, once a week minimum. To step outside
    my door gives me panic attacks and I start to sweat really bad. I think the
    whole world hates me, as all of my life I have been living with bullying
    where ever I go and every IRL friend I’ve had have just left me, no matter
    how hard I try to be a good friend. I know my grammar is horrible because I
    just felt like such a freak I left school in elementary school and my
    depression has blocked me from trying to improve it. I felt like such a
    freak, with my stutter. I’ve been trying to figure out the easiest and
    least painful way to kill myself. But I don’t kill myself, because the only
    thing stopping me from killing myself is the thought of my mother seeing
    her son dead, from a suicide. A person she has tried to help for all these
    years but nothing seems to work. But she keeps trying. And trying. The
    least I can do is to not commit suicide.

    I know the comment section of Youtube is a horrible place to say things
    like this, because the replies tends to be from assholes, but I just wanted
    to let my steam off somewhere.

  3. Comment by debra covack:

    And that’s the way we need to spread the real new’s ! Unity. Grrrr!!!

  4. Comment by Robert Mathies:

    go open your window – stick your head out and yell

  5. Comment by Peter Parisius:
  6. Comment by Twinpact:


  7. Comment by Adrian Azzopardi:

    *Network – “I’m as mad as hell” speech*

  8. Comment by Lawlzinator:

    Shouting resentment won’t get you anywhere. Do you think by changing seats
    in congress and the white house will yield any change? No. The government
    has been bought and paid for a long time ago by the many industries of the
    world, whether they be the Health insurance industry, Oil, Universities,
    car makers…etc. Until lobbying ceases to exist in its current state, the
    government will never truly work in the best interest of the people. It’s
    horrifyingly brilliant how well lobbyists have rigged the game in their
    favor, and set up as many roadblocks to make sure their grip will never
    loosen. I can’t even begin to guess at how to stop it, or even if it can
    be stopped. The world truly is a business, and governments work for those
    businesses, not for you.

  9. Comment by THE XAV:

    Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :ahahah

  10. Comment by Cynthia Akana:

    Network – “I’m as mad as hell” speech [english subtitles]:

  11. Comment by ifureadthisdie:

    And then everyone proceeded to go back and inside and wait for the TV to
    tell them what to do next.

  12. Comment by AlternativeState:


  13. Comment by Jeffrey Gee:

    That’s right and all I want is for others to be mad as hell. What can I or
    you do by ourselves, maybe not a lot but to open hearts and change minds…
    Together though, undivided we can change things! Get behind things most
    people will get behind or question the premise! 

  14. Comment by RageMojo:

    Snowden is the one to let him in… Interesting. 

  15. Comment by Richard B.:

    i love how people think things are so “fucked up today”……same problems
    30 years ago…..same problems 30 years from now……stop making excuses
    and get your shit together. 

  16. Comment by Jay Husbands:

    You mad Bro?
    Thursday 7 May 2015 – Polling day between 7am and 10pm.

    Monday 20 April – Voter registration deadline 2015

    Tuesday 21 April – Deadline for applying for postal vote

    Tuesday 28 April – deadline for proxy vote applications

    Deadline for applying for a proxy vote (except for emergency proxies) (5pm).

    Election day and results

    Thursday 7 May 2015 – Polling day

    Polling booths open between 7am and 10pm. Counting of votes will begin when
    the polls close.

  17. Comment by Tyler Hale:

    I’m as MAD as HELL and I’m not going to take THIS ANYMORE!!

  18. Comment by ThyFacelessOne:
  19. Comment by Bob Martin:

    i’m as mad as hell and i’m not gonna take this anymore. help!

  20. Comment by penny trottier:

    this is so totally awesome from 2007 wonder if and when people will get on
    board with this one. It is what is needed in Ontario.

  21. Comment by Dj Kuro:

    The True Art of the Breakdown, The Im Fed up, The im Tired of This
    shit…..Humanity, Listen up!

  22. Comment by Colin Baker:

    I love this film. Trouble is, Glenn Beck does too …

  23. Comment by Rick Presley:

    Have you people never watched this movie? Don’t you remember how it ends?

  24. Comment by Tim Anger:

    One of the greatest speech I have ever heard.

  25. Comment by Digital Bohemia:

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