Mom’s Scary Story I The Amazing World of Gumball I Cartoon Network

Mom’s Scary Story I The Amazing World of Gumball I Cartoon Network


  1. Comment by Zane /4:

    First comment

  2. Comment by Steele Carter:

    I really love this show. I wish CN would advertise for this show as much as
    they do Adventure Time. I’m grateful that it has been renewed for seasons 4
    and 5, however, I feel that CN only advertises this show sparsely when
    compared to every hour on the hour with Adventure Time. There are far more
    better shows than Adventure Time on CN and I hope CN realizes this someday.
    Just because a show like Adventure Time gets a lot of ratings doesn’t mean
    that it’s a better show (which it’s not).

  3. Comment by Knight Saffron:


  4. Comment by Flicle:

    i love nicole so much

  5. Comment by Lloyd Garmadon:

    That was some story X3

  6. Comment by GumballEDITSUPREME:

    Crazy story!

  7. Comment by Silver77cyn:

    1:31 Angry Nicole 

  8. Comment by Jmj077:

    Just saw this one today, it was kinda funny! I like Nicole’s personality,
    she’s so responsible and really is the one calling the shots, her husband
    is a lazy MF. literally.

  9. Comment by MOCS and Minifigs:

    Cartoon Network is doing a new thing called “Always on” where they put new,
    old, or returning programming on an easy to access format. One show is
    “Detentionaire” a show about Lee Ping, framed for a big prank, discovering
    who framed him and solving the school’s conspiracy.
    If you like this show or have never seen it, check it out, it needs the
    ratings or Teletoon isn’t making season 5. So once CN releases more info,
    check it out!

  10. Comment by Cody Alvarez:

    I love the part where the old man comes up scary nicole

  11. Comment by Ashley Silverman:

    I love this show so much!

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