Minecraft PVP – Overcast Network Fun

Minecraft PVP – Overcast Network Fun


  1. Comment by docm77:

    HD will be hopefully ready soon, processing takes forever today;-(

  2. Comment by TheDoctor:

    Doc rocks.Like a pebble. 

  3. Comment by docm77:

    Today we went on @OvercastNetwork ! Lot’s of fun was had;-)

  4. Comment by ItzaMeLuigi:

    Welcome back Doc!

  5. Comment by McMuffinn6:

    Good to see you enjoying OCN again! :]

  6. Comment by Thee McMuffin:

    Welcome back to Overcast Doc! Great to have you back! Also Doc, now the
    servers have /nick for Internet famous people so they don’t get targeted!

  7. Comment by Sean Haanskorf:

    I heard you talked to kevin
    Cryptkeeeper is probanly going to fix it cuz he made a new anticheat system
    still developing

  8. Comment by Captain_PJW:

    Nice video doc, sorry for ruining you’re video.

  9. Comment by Arne Gentjens:

    i like how docm doesn’t see that the first map is based on cs go and the
    second one is a tf2 replica

  10. Comment by Matic Plays - Great HD Gaming Videos!:

    RageTDM is not really that good if you are playing after a long time since
    a lot of players have tons of experience. Though it is very good for aim

    I don’t know what your preffered gamemode is or what you enjoy doing
    (attacking, defending etc) but there are a couple maps that you should try

    I’d recommend playing Turf Wars. Very nicely designed CTW map. The Hill is
    a very nice KOTH map with two points, Very enjoyable IMO. The Nile is a
    nice DTM map that a lot of peopel enjoy. Its a nicely designed map that has
    a bit longer matches.

    I also created couple maps but not all are on the servers. One of the maps
    that I have created thats on the servers is SolitudeMC. I heavily recommend
    trying it out.

  11. Comment by TheSailorMojo:

    Welcome Back to OCN Doc!

  12. Comment by 10NYGiantsFan10:

    You can type /nick [nickname you want] to disguise yourself…a mod
    activated it for you. It’s not perfect, it still shows up as you on the
    website, so people can still find out who you are.
    In the Nucleus map, when you fall off the bridges, you automatically die by
    In case you want to see all death messages (by default you just see your
    own), type /toggle dms
    If you want to make it so people can’t message you, type /toggle msg

    Glad you’re back on overcast Doc, I love these videos :)

  13. Comment by lemonpillow720:

    What happened to respawn network?

  14. Comment by B-L-R Assasin:

    DOC its been 5 days since the last LOTR episode… What happened!!? ……
    Its it over? I enjoyed it everyday :( It used to be the best part of my
    day, sitting down and eating dinner while watching you progress and epic
    fight and more upgrades and epic fights

  15. Comment by dragonstomper64:

    got to love how the majority of the comments are from overcast regs

  16. Comment by nir boom:


  17. Comment by VoiciRedou:

    Yay, Docm77 is playing to Overcast Network ! o/ I hope I’ll fight against
    or with you in a next day ! Very good video.

  18. Comment by BeasttrollMC:

    dust 2 from csgo :D

  19. Comment by Max Mustermann:

    whats the server ip?

  20. Comment by Technoblade:

    nuuu dun leave hypixel ;-; 

  21. Comment by Flism:

    That guy can find out your nickname based on how silly it sounds. ARandr is
    pretty obvious. Also, people can check the website to see who killed them
    on their profile page, too. Best thing to do is to make a new nickname
    often, in-between matches.

  22. Comment by Kody Smith:

    what ever happen to your server?

  23. Comment by Lego Lee:

    hey doc, non of the guys in the video are hackers, people in overcast is
    just too good at pvp..

  24. Comment by TheWombat71:

    Yes!!! OCN thanks Doc we love you <3 mindrack for tourney 8?

  25. Comment by CatfishCameras:

    I think you weren’t used to how good people were; like when you said that
    Dust isn’t skill based. It’s such a different kind of play, but so fun.

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