Minecraft – Crash Landing #21: ME Network Center

Minecraft – Crash Landing #21: ME Network Center


  1. Comment by TehWelshSpartan:

    First Booyah!

    I love how I got this video on no view xD

  2. Comment by Simply Bella:

    123rd viewer.

    Hooray for new Crash Landing!

  3. Comment by Osama Bin Malzahar.:

    I always get really happy when I see an Etho video. He is one of few
    youtubers that I watch in normal speed now, as usually I like to save time
    and skip the dull bits. Keep up the great work man!

  4. Comment by EthosLab:
  5. Comment by EpicShermanTank:

    Etho, a me system? You are so selfish!

  6. Comment by BrinkTheGamer:

    AE is the name of the mod, Applied Energistics. ME is the name of the
    system which is made by AE. ME stands for Matter/Energy. The science behind
    ME-Systems is that it converts matter into energy to be stored digitally in
    drives. And then when you need it again, it converts the digitally stored
    item back into physical material for your use.

  7. Comment by Nio Pullus:

    The SHIFT + “?” key trick doesn’t work with he PCB boards because for some
    reason, it doesn’t work with anything non-stack-able. Don’t know why, but I
    do know this is not the case with the ME Crafting terminal (which is
    different from auto-crafting).

  8. Comment by KrAziiPwNaGe:

    Applied Energistics was my favorite mod on the old modpacks. I haven’t
    played around with AE2 yet since it looks pretty difficult but I do plan on
    getting to it eventually

  9. Comment by TheUnsignedCode:

    In almost every direction you look there are multiple villagers

  10. Comment by bilou MC:

    Is this pocket edition?

  11. Comment by ThePlushNinja:

    Etho, its more efficient to do multiple 1k storage things rather than
    one 4k.

  12. Comment by Arvens:

    Etho, using the aqueous accumulator you can get an infinite amount of water
    from just 2 source blocks.

  13. Comment by Ace:

    Step 1) highlight
    Step 2) Ctrl+F
    Step 3) 5

  14. Comment by FireGoldK:

    Its is M.E. Not A.E. etho…

  15. Comment by Kaptain Kappa:

    i think eventually you should rebuild the ship you spawned in above the
    ground, it would be a nice way to show how far you’ve come

  16. Comment by ShantyPanda:

    You notice at 17:25 Etho doesn’t say the “Illuminator Frames.”


  17. Comment by The Redstoner:

    Etho, use 2 sticky pistons for an nand/or gate i did it once in Better than
    wolves, just do a spiral down from the top to lay the redstone, i’ve been
    thinking of doing a Redstone tutorial series for mods, many people try to
    think of ways to do 2 way elevators, and i’d found a simple way to do so
    also, you can make a redstone clock block

  18. Comment by Stephen Johnston:

    Everyone, just because I am curious of the age group of Etho’s channel,
    reply to this, with your age. I am 13 turning 14 in April.

  19. Comment by Ender Slayerz:

    Make a drone go around and kill those villagers…

  20. Comment by Stuart Duncan:

    Etho, if you put some snow blocks into your mob trap as part of the floor,
    Blizz (the cold version of the blaze) can spawn on them and give you those
    blizz rods.

  21. Comment by Eliakith:

    Etho! As an AE (Yes, AE. Only noobs call it ME) expert, I would suggest
    that you use a dark cable to connect to your auto crafter. The cable can be
    turned on and off with redstone, which will help with your power
    consumption. Hope this helps!

  22. Comment by Zeke Kingsbury:

    Heller comment readers! does anyone know how too check my PC’s specs

    (On windows BTW)

  23. Comment by xisumavoid:

    For all the videos ive watched on ME/AE, i have learned more in 10 minutes
    from you than any of them.

  24. Comment by Piro Efekta:


  25. Comment by Aramis Tirado:

    Lol that glowstone liquid! Why is it upside down?

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