Live from WrestleMania 31 on WWE Network – Update 1

Live from WrestleMania 31 on WWE Network – Update 1


  1. Comment by HashTagHeelGFX:

    Can’t wait till they show the completed stage! 

  2. Comment by TheRISEofROCKmusic:

    hey we give u the beautiful paige <3, bad news barrett and err one
    direction pls do a wrestlemania in England sometime :)

  3. Comment by Mack Tavor:

    Please John Cena, defeat Rusev!!! 

  4. Comment by Sjoerd Arts:

    What is the name of the song

  5. Comment by Francisco Luque:

    What I want to happen on Sunday: Let Roman Reigns beats Lesnar but Seth
    cash in, Seth Rollins is the new champion. But Roman Reigns wants his
    rematch, Lesnar wants his rematch too about his fight against Reigns but
    everything ends in a Triple Threat Match at Extreme Rules where Lesnar can
    F-5 Rollins but Reigns spears Lesnar, Seth take out Reigns from the ring
    and pin Lesnar. After that Lesnar attack badly to Reigns and in the next
    RAW Lesnar says he wants to fight Reigns in Payback and calls him to ring
    but instead of Reigns The Rock returns to protect his cousin.


    Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns

    Brock Lesnar vs The Rock

  6. Comment by Jay Low:

    Who’s excited about this Wrestlemaniaaaaa?!?!?! #Wrestlemania 

  7. Comment by Titantron MHD:

    it looks like wrestlemania 28, AMAZING i loved that arena, one of my
    favorites wm arenas with wm 24 and 26

  8. Comment by Adrian9a1:

    Pepsi logo in the background. CM Punk returns tonight confirmed.

  9. Comment by Neymar Santos:

    Go cena !!!!

  10. Comment by BuzzardFollower:

    These last few hours are torture !!!!
    I physically can’t wait anymore 

  11. Comment by ProZeven MMZ:

    Sorry but from that performance part in this video, the stage doesn’t look
    that good

  12. Comment by SUB ZERO LIN KUEI:

    I hope 4 :
    Brocken Leslie vs.Roman Reigns 0-1
    Sting vs. Triple H ——————- > 1-0
    Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt —> 1-0
    Rusev (c) vs. John Cena ——> 0-1

  13. Comment by Ramil G:

    Renee Young – “My Main Men”


  14. Comment by TheSecond CitySaint:

    Hope Reigns wins… 

  15. Comment by Kevin Verwijmeren:

    Who is that guy in the middle again? Wasnt he a wrestler to? Im not
    following this for that long time:/

  16. Comment by Nachbox98:

    Pleaseee Seth Cash

  17. Comment by gamerdan:

    wow isn’t it early for them to do this at 11:27 am? (I live in California)
    should’ve done this in 12:00 

  18. Comment by Benjamin Rooney:

    Does any1 know the starting time of wrestlemania in GMT aka Uk

  19. Comment by Video Games are awesome!:

    Man the hype is real!!!!!!! I freaking got three big things happening to me
    that are good for these few months and the first thing on course is the
    2015 WWE WrestleMania 31 PPV and then I’m getting Mortal Kombat X for the
    PlayStation 4 then going to see May 1, 2015 Marvel’s The Avengers Age of
    Ultron baby!!!!!!!!! :)

  20. Comment by antonio wolf:

    Am I the only one dissapointed about the stage looking like a recycled
    version of 28 

  21. Comment by Mohammed Saifuddin:

    Live from WrestleMania 31 on WWE Network – Update 1:

  22. Comment by DarkDashV6:

    All I will say is this. WWE, Vince, Writers, if you are as smart as you
    like to think that you are, you will not let Roman Reigns walk out as World
    Champion tonight. It will be better for Roman, it will be better for you,
    and it will be a better deal for the fans. If you let Reigns walk out
    tonight as Champion, you are going to lose even more money from Network
    cancellations tonight than you could’ve ever imagined. The Majority of fans
    do not care about Roman Reigns, he needs more time to become a strong and
    worthy character that the majority of us can get behind. The fact his fans
    are still defending him the day of WrestleMania is a testament to how much
    of a failure this push was. If he goes out there and wins, it will destroy
    his career. He will be booed out of the building at your biggest event of
    the year, it will cost you millions in Network cancellations, and you’ll
    have no one else to blame yourselves.

  23. Comment by MADFERIT MAN:

    tonight is going to be awesome. I can feel it. I hope you all enjoy the
    show. Needless to say, I am a Scotsman currently living in my homeland, so
    I’ll be staying up until 4am to watch it. I hope whoever you guys back has
    a good one. Come on Roman!!!!

  24. Comment by xpac101000:

    can’t wait for Wrestlemania I don’t care what anyone says I hope Roman
    Reigns wins #BelieveThat

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