Join the Channel Frederator Network!

Join the Channel Frederator Network!


  1. Comment by CartoonHangover:

    Join the Channel Frederator Network

    The producers of such shows as Fairly OddParents, Adventure Time, Bravest
    Warriors and Bee and PuppyCat, Frederator believes in supporting creative
    people so that they can do what they do best — create! 

  2. Comment by Patrick Moorhead:

    why over 18 only?

  3. Comment by Rockman .EXE:

    Oh is this your guys trying to create a more centralized network for
    animators to try and get more money off youtube? I remember Ross talking
    about doing something like this before.

  4. Comment by japzone:

    What’s the Stick Figure fight at 00:08

  5. Comment by Meowchi Productions:

    I WANNA JOIN!!! I make all sorts of comics and i am really interested in
    animations….but im not 18 :/

  6. Comment by MrNotThatFamous:

    do we have to only do animation or can it be mixed?

  7. Comment by PastaPool:

    as an animator myself, whats the profit? what ravenue to i get?

  8. Comment by GarredHATES:

    where do I sign up?

  9. Comment by coffinkitty:

    lmao i wish i could join but i can’t draw/animate for my life (plus i have
    to be 18)

  10. Comment by arcadespiders:

    I really want to join but I’m too young :(. Like, I would lie about my age
    like I do on most websites but I think that website isn’t one to fuck with.

  11. Comment by Hussein Haji:

    Please. What’s the catch?

  12. Comment by Orange Johnson:

    What if you don’t think your good enough but you like to animate

  13. Comment by Noelzilla1:

    Oh and another question. What happens if my animation could be good for a
    show? Will CF accept? (I plan to do that in the future)

  14. Comment by sk8jerker:

    What if you turn 18 in like 3 months?

  15. Comment by Olivia Enriquez:

    I’m sad, I just went there and it says 18 or older I’m way younger

  16. Comment by PB'n Jammin Productions:

    Im starting animation and shit…..and im too young…sigh….i have ideas
    and all of this stuff, but regardless, i seem to be…. unwanted :ccc

  17. Comment by animaljam4you:

    Welp, gotta wait about… 6 more years! Woo..hoo…

  18. Comment by Foxy Lee:

    Dear Frederator,

    I really really really REALLY want to join your network, but I’m currently
    being held captive by another partnership, so I cant join you for another 2
    years. If there’s a way you can free me from this imprisoning contract, i
    would GLADLY join!


    P.S. Please rescue me!!! 

  19. Comment by Naruto Uzumaki:

    Im 13 but i can animate good and speedpaint good DAMN YOU WORKING LAWS

  20. Comment by Д TsukiyamaTrash Д:

    I’m gonna join this but first i’ve to ask my parents permission lol.
    ▄︻┻┳═一…… ☆(>○<)((is it okay if i join this? Bcuz i don't live in america))

  21. Comment by Grizzly BearBear:

    no requirements my butt i cant do it because im not 18!!! what about the
    creativity in the youth! look i like you guys at hangover but don’t false
    advertise! Cant wait till bravest warriors season three…

  22. Comment by DanielDouglas:

    Why do I have to be 18 to do this ughhh

  23. Comment by Nessa G.:

    Everyone who’s upset that they’re not old enough yet to join Frederator,
    join the club…

    It’s my biggest dream to make a cartoon and I even have this awesome idea
    for one that I’m so passionate about I’m already drawing the character
    designs and practicing in art computer programs and stuff.

    But alas, I’m only 14. :'(

  24. Comment by Tooterbooter:

    why is salad fingers in the thumbnail? (someone answer this)

  25. Comment by Samantha McMillan:

    When does new bee and puppy cat come out??

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