HTC Zoe (Beta): Hands-On with “the Postmodern Social Network”

HTC Zoe (Beta): Hands-On with “the Postmodern Social Network”


  1. Comment by Sup Dawg:

    Cant find it on the playstore in Austria T.T.

  2. Comment by Yes Alix:

    Just downloaded it for S4. Here’s a link:

  3. Comment by Samuel J Cirino:

    Really cool stuff. One of the main features I used to like on my old M7 now
    on my SGN3!

  4. Comment by Randy Natsir:

    Loving it bro XD. Keep up the good work.

  5. Comment by Miguel Angel:

    No love for Moto G :(

  6. Comment by elliossrules:

    i have a moto g running the very latest operating system android 4.4.4 and
    its not compatible?!?!

  7. Comment by Gevorg Shahinyan:

    Yeah that’s “racist”. I have an Android 4.2.2 phone. I mean why only Kitkat

  8. Comment by Mohammed Arifullah:

    How is everyones htc one m8 holding up against screen scratches? Mine has a
    few hardly visible scratches :(
    Shit gorilla glass..

  9. Comment by JESUS DOMINGUEZ:

    HTC one M8 FTW

  10. Comment by KUYADYEPchannel:

    Nothing for LG g3.

  11. Comment by Prince Mguni:

    So it’s instagram with more editing functions

  12. Comment by Anthony Johnson:

    It will download on my att galaxy s5 but not my LG G3. Do a Google search
    for the zoe apk. That’s how I found it.

  13. Comment by Yuval Ezrati:

    that is really awesome.. just tried it

  14. Comment by Simeon Ivanov:

    m7 here . How i can find my friends… :(

  15. Comment by Boby Gandhi:

    Still waiting for blink feed launcher on non-android devices…

  16. Comment by chamalsr:

    1:38 fuck her gently

  17. Comment by Thomas Crew:

    Lets give one of the best feature of our phone to every one yea good plan

  18. Comment by daktadre:

    Love it, I like the direction HTC are going with Zoe. Definitely got better
    and I can only imagine more good to come.

  19. Comment by Christopher Sanders:

    Solid review…I shall be sharing my Zoe’s shortly for the masses ;)

  20. Comment by Kane Milne:

    One of the best features from HTC phones coming to everyone!!

  21. Comment by Queen-BMVagabond:

    I can’t seem to find the app in the playstore. Is there an HTC official apk
    I can download?

  22. Comment by MermanIShouldTurn2Be:

    Can people check out your Zoes without installing the app?

  23. Comment by Alex Hong:

    Hmm.. the way HTC envisions people using ZOE is interesting. Letting people
    easily collaborate on a video from various perspective taken by different
    people of the same event. Though I can’t help but think there is too much
    granular editing for its own good. What if a less artistically-inclined
    friend decide to go crazy? Or someone with a less than appropriate sense of
    humour decide to add a dick pic to a video. :/

  24. Comment by Saul Moreno:

    Not compatible with the LG G3.

  25. Comment by Ferdinando Satria Perkasa:

    “If you don’t have any friends..”. lol.

    This Zoe looks a lot like one of Google+’s AutoAwesome feature…

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