Getting Doug with High | Video Podcast Network

Getting Doug with High | Video Podcast Network


  1. Comment by Darren F:

    21 hours!? Wtf!

  2. Comment by mickmon:


  3. Comment by StingrayVEVΟ:

    probably someones phone number hahaha

  4. Comment by xXNightsxShadowXx:

    bye guuuuys

  5. Comment by Tharee MaahthePuddi:

    lol he “flipped the ship”

  6. Comment by jason horn:

    good show this time

  7. Comment by jon cottrill:

    great show this week!

  8. Comment by Caitlin O'Neil:

    green day? that would be awful

  9. Comment by Ronni Gray:

    Great guest! Loved to see the guests forgot the world when they’re soo
    baked. :) See ya next week!!! happy 420 somewhere… or just always.

  10. Comment by chris minen:

    would love to do a dab for the first time while watching one of his shows

  11. Comment by Howie Feltersnatch:

    Cant see it?

  12. Comment by Master League:

    Everyone clapped haha

  13. Comment by Sam London:

    i was kinda joking when i said to get anthony jeselnik again

  14. Comment by tj al-shami:


  15. Comment by Harley Minks:

    I can’t wait to see Willie Nelson on here. I almost saw him in person once.
    I live in Missouri and one time in Cape Girardeau we went into a gas
    station and the cashiers were flipping out ’cause Willie had just stopped
    there. I was a minute or 2 behind Willie Nelson! :( lol We don’t get too
    many good celebrities in Missouri.

  16. Comment by Terrence Bordenave:

    What are the odds that he talks about blacking out because of wax and the
    vaporizer is called “Blackout X” lmfao

  17. Comment by TGO:

    If they swab your cheek I assume it would be to scratch some of the fine
    muscle tissue to obtain a tiny blood sample (THC would only be in your
    bloodstream if you were inebriated at the time, unlike with urine) I could
    be completely wrong though

  18. Comment by MARCH BUG:

    I missed the live show

  19. Comment by Snooch1984:

    This might be the first guy that incriminates himself enough during the
    show to get arrested. Too much sharing I think.

  20. Comment by el0heem:

    the only joke of this guys’ that i remember is the bit about his friend the
    eye doctor looking into his butt

  21. Comment by Gord Birch:

    So… this

  22. Comment by deadairspace11:

    right at the end , that got real awkward real fast.

  23. Comment by Apollo Beta:

    doug, i really think you should have an after hours show? aye? i mean
    besides gabe time? lol.. unless its really not that interesting..

  24. Comment by Scott Krueger:

    You need to get willie Nelsonnn

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