Fun Dungeon | Clarence | Cartoon Network

Fun Dungeon | Clarence | Cartoon Network


  1. Comment by NICK WEINMAN:

    Another shitty show from CN

  2. Comment by PokemonNews2099:

    The fun dungeon reminds me of my days in those tubes, but now I am
    14…what happened to me I grew up to fast.

  3. Comment by xXPyroTimeXx:

    Clerence has diabetes
    Sumo has downs syndrome with cancer
    Jeff has anger issues

  4. Comment by Limey Lassen:

    The art is so bad, yet… I need more.

  5. Comment by Diamond Mann:

    I need more!

  6. Comment by Lego Maniac:

    1 word: AWESOME

  7. Comment by PurpleViking221:

    A crack-addicted kid, a mentally handicapped kid with a speech impediment,
    and a kid with OCD…. Sounds like a great combination….

  8. Comment by LenAndRen9898:

    That… was not as bad as I thought it would be…

  9. Comment by 808wolfgirl:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! This is one reason i watch anime and not
    american cartoons,but this is better that some other crappy cartoons.

  10. Comment by Neo Tropical:


  11. Comment by i tiki:

    Jeff looks like the Minecraft Skin Steve lol

  12. Comment by atwfnj:

    I feel like a kid again :D When I saw the fun area, I was all like: OMG
    they have a huge ball pit, and those rope tunnel things, and OMG shoe

  13. Comment by Legoguy329:

    Still stupid to me…

  14. Comment by LighteningXT9:

    Jeff reminds me so much of me. I hate people touching my stuff. I don’t eat
    after anyone and I really don’t like messy things. I wash my hands after
    touching most stuff. And I totally freak like Jeff when my family touches
    my laundry in the washing machine. 

  15. Comment by AxeToday:

    Good show
    is rly good

  16. Comment by ToonMaker3000:

    4:52 why didn’t I do that when I was 7 (At Mcdonalds) 

  17. Comment by Miller Animations:

    This show is pretty good, I might actually tune into Cartoon Network again
    because of this. Mainly because I can relate to Jeff so much.

  18. Comment by Brando230:

    I’m upset with myself because almost every time I see a new trailer for a
    show (like Clarence) I think it’s childish and stupid. This, Steven
    Universe, and Adventure Time have all proven to me that you can’t judge a
    book by it’s cover :P I enjoy all those series and watch them constantly

  19. Comment by Naomi Stothard:

    This is not for kids at all. 

  20. Comment by Donovan Douglas:

    Is the bald headed kid with the weird voice sponge bob? Also the this is a
    pretty decent show.. Not bad.

  21. Comment by EconomicSuicideTheGreat:

    this lazy animation style horrible, and this reminds me of sponge bob for
    some reason. this is decent at best

  22. Comment by oddboy18:

    I had mixed feelings when I saw the commercials for this show. But now I
    think this show is great. After seeing nothing but fantasy on Cartoon
    Network, like Adventure Time and Regular Show (which I do enjoy), it’s good
    to see a show that’s rather down to earth. No explosions or demon kings,
    just kids being kids.

    One small detail I like in the opening of the show was in the very begin
    when Clarence cuts the T.V off. That kinda got me thinking. 

  23. Comment by Garth Palmer:

    wow, that woman is the worst mom ever

  24. Comment by UmbreonChop:

    this show is revolting

  25. Comment by Breakdown Fade:

    Nah…i really enjoy watching Adventure Time and Regular Show. Steven
    Universe and Gumball are really cool too, but Uncle Grandpa and this? Is
    too stupid for my taste…They’re ok, i’m not gonna lie, but is just too
    much for me.

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