Fluke Networks OneTouch AT Network Assistant Handheld Tester Review

Fluke Networks OneTouch AT Network Assistant Handheld Tester Review


  1. Comment by Eli the Computer Guy:

    ▶ Fluke Networks OneTouch AT Network Assistant Handheld Tester Review –
    YouTube http://buff.ly/1igrQVn

    Starts at 3pm EST!!!

  2. Comment by pianoman1634:

    I Want to be a network administrator what certifications do i need?

  3. Comment by DoMonchi:

    Develop quick, develop more, mobile is going on a roll right now

  4. Comment by Mike DeVita:

    you’d be amazed what people will pay $0.99 for lol.

  5. Comment by go games:

    simple or difficult

  6. Comment by Geert-Jan Gieling:

    Unity 4 create a game for all platforms

  7. Comment by HalooINC:

    mobile is headed for a crash when the legality finally catches up

  8. Comment by DoMonchi:

    depends on what you are going to go for

  9. Comment by DoMonchi:

    Well the android SDK is quite handy too

  10. Comment by go games:

    im 13 so i see it as my futhure

  11. Comment by DoMonchi:

    yes, it will crash. So develop quick now. Start now

  12. Comment by go games:

    i just want to build a pc but that cost money

  13. Comment by Mike DeVita:

    ive taken app’s into production just using phonegap and a few other
    utilities.. i dont know C.. lol.

  14. Comment by pianoman1634:

    Question: I Want To Integrate Mac OS with Active Directory How Would I
    Accomplish That?

  15. Comment by zozombis:

    then use unity

  16. Comment by DaArtfulVlogger .:

    What would you recommend to a full-time student who wants to get part-time
    work in the industry while studying? Should I get my MCSE and hit up
    recruiters? Or would programming bw a better way to go?

  17. Comment by zozombis:

    best way

  18. Comment by HalooINC:

    careful, if you are involved during the crash you might be the one on the
    wrong end of the law.

  19. Comment by ThatOnlyFan:

    Good show.

  20. Comment by CrwdF:

    Can you tell us about group policy…

  21. Comment by go games:


  22. Comment by DoMonchi:

    TGIF great time

  23. Comment by DoMonchi:

    A fluke fluke

  24. Comment by Malware Cage:

    Hey Eli, It was Me Who Say:”QUESTION, Why Don’t You Answer My????” I’m
    Sorry Bro I Didn’t Mean To Say That… I Was Just Mad Cause No One Answered
    My Question I Asked Everyone Like 1000 Times :( All I Wanted To Know Was
    How You Can Clean Up Junk Files… I Tried CCleaner, But Computers I Tested
    It On Were Still Running Slow :( I Wish You Could Help Me With This
    Problem. Sorry Again About What I Wrote At 1:54:20 :( I Feel Really Bad
    About That.. I Hope You Can Forgive Me.

  25. Comment by Dcdatruth85:

    I thought fluke was hvac related. 

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