Emojli: the emoji-only network.

Emojli: the emoji-only network.


  1. Comment by Tom Scott:

    I know what you’re thinking. This is satire. No-one would actually launch
    an emoji-only social network. Well, just for once… this ain’t just a joke
    on YouTube.

  2. Comment by Skellious:

    The question is, how long until we start cyphering? or perhaps we’ll create
    a whole new pictogram language?

  3. Comment by ComAntNeLib:

    Just reserved mine, in the end its just a bunch of cancer.

  4. Comment by ProfessorBorax:

    I don’t understand, what doe this network DO?

  5. Comment by 40Hz:

    Pfft… All the one character names are already taken somehow… I’m

  6. Comment by Samzo111:


  7. Comment by Pullerz:


  8. Comment by beuster{se}:

  9. Comment by MigluGamer:

    Reserved mine

  10. Comment by Jelle de Vries:


  11. Comment by ברי לוי:

    android is working fine with this.

  12. Comment by NNOTM:

    Will I, ➪, be able to use this on a computer eventually?

  13. Comment by David Lyons:

    emoj.li the *emoji **only* social network. Reserve your username now!

  14. Comment by Anthony Rossbach:


  15. Comment by sonoftunk:

    Damn, someone already nabbed the Konami Code. I guess I’m ⬆⬆⬇⬇⬅➡⬅➡

  16. Comment by sporkafife:

    I’ve saved my username ready!

  17. Comment by IceMetalPunk:

    Wait, so this ISN’T satire? Look, world, this is what happens when
    developers get bored XD

  18. Comment by Haris Poljo:
  19. Comment by Eric Vilas:

    I decided to make mine a reference to something:

  20. Comment by Hunter Willis:

    Mine is

  21. Comment by DontMockMySmock:

    For some reason it really, really bothers me that people have started
    calling “emoticons”/”smilies” by the name “emojis”. It already had TWO
    DIFFERENT NAMES, did we really need a third? A third that sounds really

    It’s a dumb complaint to have; I mean, what does it really matter what this
    thing is called. But it still bothers me on a visceral level.

  22. Comment by Bryn Macaulay:

    I got

  23. Comment by Toby Roworth:

    G+ was good whilst it lasted, but the new future of social networking is
    surely #emojli


  24. Comment by Megan Gill:


  25. Comment by william foster:

    it’s amazing 

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