ECW Exposed: Part 2 on WWE Network – Full Broadcast

ECW Exposed: Part 2 on WWE Network – Full Broadcast


  1. Comment by Angel G:

    How come ECW doesn’t happen anymore?

  2. Comment by Jay Blackheart:

    Its a shame that programs like this are better than Raw, Main Event,
    Superstars, and Smackdown combined… Thanks for posting this WWE, Some of
    my questions i always wondered about were answered by Heyman and Styles.

  3. Comment by TheAndreagon29:

    Paul could have said CM Punk after saying Joey Styles and RVD, b/c Punk was
    a home-gown talent.

  4. Comment by DudeTheXFilesRules:

    When will WWE learn that we LOVE the realness. We LOVE the truth and that’s
    what makes wrestling special. Enough of the horribly written storylines.
    Let the wrestlers go out there and say and do what they want to do.
    Watching Joey and Paul stand there and tell what exactly they’re thinking
    is amazing. I miss 1996-2004. Also for those who don’t know who Little
    Guido is, he was Nunzio in the WWE. Go watch that 3-way dance match with
    him and Super Crazy & Tajiri.

  5. Comment by bubbleboy02:

    Get Joey Styles back doing commentary, Lawler needs put out to pasture.

  6. Comment by Sean Bentong:

    So is ECW coming back???

  7. Comment by Haseeb Ahmed:

    Well it’s a crying shame that WWE is taking out “Wrestling” from Wrestling.
    ECW was real wrestling and Paul Heyman was the genius behind it. 

  8. Comment by Vladut Chiciudean:

    Wich is your favorite ECW match in the history?

  9. Comment by LeviSyler:


  10. Comment by matrix10_XD:

    please make back the ECW ! please Vince!

  11. Comment by HIDDENRAINN:

    We Want ECW… BACK!!!

  12. Comment by Kevin Petty II:

    Thanks for putting it up on YT. Was gonna buy the network but I’ll just
    watch it on here. GG WWE! 

  13. Comment by Furhaan Naeem:

    Heyman is such an intelligent human being hope he still stays with wwe even
    when Brock leaves 

  14. Comment by EaglesFanboy25:

    “Reigning, defending wwe world heavyweight champion Brock lesnar”

    “Defending wwe world heavyweight champion Brock lesnar”


    Hmmmmm…. 30 day rule? We just supposed to forget about that? It’s been 57
    days. Almost 60. Didn’t you strip Bryan of the title because he couldn’t
    defend for 30+ days? Is lesnar gonna be stripped twice? Food for thought.

  15. Comment by Benjamin Acheson:

    Get Paul Heyman and Jim Ross back in commentary! 

  16. Comment by agustin yap:

    Heyman & Styles are more entertaining than HHH & Cole sessions

  17. Comment by BATCAT:

    I was surprised when Paul mentioned Punk, Joe & Tazz. Considering Joe &
    Tazz are TNA employees, and Punk is… well we all know the story there.
    But I’m glad wwe actually left something un-edited for once.

  18. Comment by Justin Rhodes:

    Where is part 1

  19. Comment by SupremeMystique:

    bring joey styles back! put him on nxt!

  20. Comment by Lupinthe3rd88:

    The greatest video on wwe’s youtube channel EVER!

  21. Comment by Ahmed Yamany:

    Wow! Heyman mention samoa joe name’s another tna guy (used to be a wwe guy)

  22. Comment by Jamie Poku:

    paul is a nice person

  23. Comment by PrezSteej:

    Serious question: Does Vince even know what airs on his network? These ECW
    Exposed segments have just been Paul and Joey throwing shade at the WWE.
    Which I’m all for.

  24. Comment by BeyondGoodAndEvil27:

    This is why WWE is losing money with the network. They promoted this as a
    network exclusive to get people to order the network, then they post this
    whole show on youtube. They did this same thing a couple months ago with
    Reigns & Rollins. They announced they were fighting at the PPV & gave us
    the match for free on TV a week before. Where is the direction of this
    company ?

  25. Comment by slimbeast:

    Wait, Joey Styles is still alive? TNA guys were saying “Goodbye Joey, we’ll
    miss you” a few years ago! o.O

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