Building Your Own Network for a Computer Lab

Building Your Own Network for a Computer Lab


  1. Comment by Chhai Chheng:

    Hi admin, Can u upload the ISO file of Windows Server 2012 for me please?
    my connection is too slow to download it for Microsoft website or Torrent.
    So please!

  2. Comment by Jacob Dorsey:

    Your videos have been incredibly helpful for helping me start my homelab!
    While I’ve only been tinkering with Win Server 2012, this video has enabled
    me to start messing with DNS, AD, and DHCP.

  3. Comment by Sasuke Uchiha:

    Hi bro!just want to ask something, i understand now that every router
    within network must have different Subnetmask, may question is that
    subnetmask is automatically assigned in each router connecting in your
    network?or you are the one to put a subnetmask in every router?

  4. Comment by Robert Marin:

    I Tried this out at the office – Dlink Router 1 – to Dlink
    Router 2 – under Dlink 2 it goes to from laptop
    on that router im able to access both Routers, But once the laptop is on
    Router 1 i cant comunicate with router2

  5. Comment by Courage Nene:

    Your tutorials are the best ever

  6. Comment by Rusty Gun:

    thanks a lot, going to watch all the videos in this list :)

  7. Comment by Wynand4:

    Thank you very much for this tutorial. I am just wondering if you had to do
    anything special with regards to NAT on each router?

  8. Comment by Steven Thompson:

    he makes this seem so simple try doing this with 25 computers and it
    be this simple lol

  9. Comment by hupernika0:

    Hey I’m a bit confused. It looked as though you didn’t change subnets until
    your DMZ. Top level (verizon) router had an external IP of ???.???.??.??
    (you didn’t say for obvious reasons). Internal was Making the
    next router’s (linksys smart wi-fi) default gateway the It’s
    internal IP set to (sounds like the same subnet to me). For
    the third tier router it looked like an external IP of (I
    can’t figure out where that came from, shouldn’t it’s gateway be And it’s internal being making, yes, a new
    subnet. But logically I cannot see this at all. I trust you, but I must not
    be following you. Help Me!

  10. Comment by Ed Briscoe:

    Can I just have the ISP router connected to another router which then
    connects to my laptop with all the virutal machines on it. Then every other
    device in my home connected to the ISP router directly and not another
    router before the ISP one?

  11. Comment by killazz13:

    Is the connection between Main router and secondary router LAN to WAN?

  12. Comment by Carter Baker:

    I still think it is important to build at least a two router frame relay
    cloud you can it for about 120 dollars. Seems like a waste until you learn
    about PVC. All major internet services still use pvcs. Cable, Dsl, and the
    back end of fiber providers. There are still a very slim amount of cable
    systems that use an IBM token system.

  13. Comment by Carter Baker:

    I am an IT nut. So I have about 16 routers, 4 servers. I even have VOIP
    from the cable company that is converted to analog then reconverted to

  14. Comment by Ankit Mukherjee:

    Thanx eli it is just great to follow ur classes…just awsome

  15. Comment by Bjørn Larsen:

    Really helpful videos. Thank you Eli.
    Have a question: Do the ports HAVE to be forwarded – for the lab network to
    be able to connect out to internet?

  16. Comment by Bjørn Larsen:

    QUESTION: Do the ports HAVE to be forwarded – for the lab network to be
    able to connect out to internet?
    Thanks for the videos :)

  17. Comment by Freddy Calderon:

    View all 20+ videos, great job!!
    Can you do some other videos for Windows Sever 2012
    – configure user network drive (map)
    – Login script

  18. Comment by Noni Love:

    This video answered all of my questions in addition to providing assistance
    with setting up my lab. Thank you so much! You’re awesome!

  19. Comment by Curtdude Anmol:

    your videos are just awesome sir, i just wanted to ask that what did u do
    get this far as in (carrier wise ) ? , did u get certified ? what if we
    also want to be this awesome :D

  20. Comment by Micro Bender:

    What a nice tutorial. Well done! Thank you.

  21. Comment by Jose M. Olivier:

    it’s really simple… just need to be careful with the settings :) …
    great video.

  22. Comment by 01SOG:

    thanks for giving your time eli. This really helped me understand some
    stuff i was confused on. thank you..

  23. Comment by Serhat Toraman:

    Talking too much, giving less info

  24. Comment by Luis Velazquez:

    Do you not use/need a repeater? You have mentioned you have a big house so
    I would imagine your signal is not all that great. Unless…

  25. Comment by Mehmet G:

    about IP assigning,they are all true if your subnet mask is,
    otherwise even 192.168.2.x will not be different subnet…

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