‘Biased journalism ok, propaganda isn’t’- Director, Ethical Journalism Network

‘Biased journalism ok, propaganda isn’t’- Director, Ethical Journalism Network


  1. Comment by Jan Aike:

    RT is nothing but anti-western propaganda. Kremlin’s RT successfully copied
    US, UK media and the rest of the world has to endure all these lies.

  2. Comment by Fatih Unal:

    to the people saying RT is propaganda… the other news channels are owned
    by Zionist Jews, at least we have something different so if you don’t like
    it fuck off to put it politely 

  3. Comment by Jan Aike:

    16:57 Look how she reacts to his statement that RT should also keep their
    own Russian government in check. She even confirms the fact that RT is not
    keeping the Kremlin in check. 

  4. Comment by ammiralowling:

    Always approach any news story with the question, why are they telling me
    this? Being cynical means you’re taking things seriously.

  5. Comment by freedom1322009101:

    I heard a saying a while back, which I think some of you on here could do
    with hearing…..

    Trust those who seek the truth. Doubt those who claim they have found it. 

  6. Comment by Top Gun:

    *Nice try Oksana Boyko, her hyped up push of an attempt to make RT look
    transparent and believable from all other networks failed miserably.* Aidan
    White quickly returned a point blank shot accurately correcting Boyko’s
    delusional world as being better then all other news networks. Aidan White
    also quickly exposed RT of being untruthful, inaccurate, unethical,
    humiliating, bias journalism within their own network. ( RT, may I suggest
    in order to survive much longer, your being closely watched and monitored
    by the world, not just Aidan White but by millions world wide that are
    “wise to the lies”, continue delivering bad journalism you”ll soon be
    extinct like CNN, Fox, MSNBC and Al Jazeera). P.S. Don’t be hard on her
    Putin, she tried her best. 

  7. Comment by behapfs:

    RT is biased and propagandistic, so I am very surprised that they are
    having a debate on the ethics of journalism. Maybe we can look forward to a
    more neutral RT?

  8. Comment by Z Aquarius:

    Both have points.
    However, Oksana makes a greater point in that a lack of obvious information
    is the same as misinformation. BBC is a classic for lack of information,
    missing factual information which leads to a tainted perspective.

  9. Comment by Chrisallengallery:

    BBC in not 100% government paid. We pay a licence fee to the BBC.

  10. Comment by claud rapoza:

    None is ok, and rt is both, somehow even more than fox news

  11. Comment by Dennis Cambly:

    She is asking some very powerful questions that he dances around rather
    than give an answer.

  12. Comment by Alex Jerjomin:

    went trough comments, and if ill ever see “Zionist Jew” comment again, im
    going to explode, conspiracy theorists should be banned from commenting on

  13. Comment by Bernard Lim:

    Communist Journalist cannot question their Government. 

  14. Comment by MARS TV CHANNEL:

    This woman has no journalistic credibility whatsoever, and gets the task to
    discuss it?

  15. Comment by Rogue Slayer:

    If you look at the RT. Basically all the subtopics of news in the US,UK,
    and Europe are bad and in the Russian section it’s all A-OK.

  16. Comment by Andrew James:

    My thing is this current climate sense borak obama came to power it seems
    like all war coverage or anything having to do with democracy according to
    him is considered propaganda. The western media is demonizing opposition
    like russia and purposely leaves out or changes things to fit their script
    they only report what happens as long as it fits what the main white house
    story is. Like gun violence they won’t show any stories about guns saving
    lives but will report excessively on gun deaths. 

  17. Comment by firekind1980:

    Is this the kremlin saying propaganda isn’t ok?

  18. Comment by yon pol:

    Unbelievable how RT did not censored this interview… Even more
    unbelievable to have found it again on YouTube for more people to see RT
    true colors.


  19. Comment by Khary Robertson:

    I cannot say that I agree with everything that was said, but at least the
    dialogue wasn’t just Oksana berating her her guest, glad to see the media
    accepting their own biased. Oksana got a taste of her own medicine with
    this one. “Let’s not abuse each other with the basics of journalism” lol 

  20. Comment by MV Gunsmiths:

    ‘Biased journalism ok, propaganda isn’t’- Director, Ethical Journalism

  21. Comment by Octavus5:

    7:30 – *90% of U.S. media owned by six corps. in 2011, compared to 50 corps
    in 1983*

    I think we can all draw our own obvious conclusions from this statistic.

    In an era where there is more media choices than ever before — internet,
    cable, broadcast tv, satellite tv, satellite radio, social media,
    smartphones, etc — it seems we really have fewer choices than ever and the
    appearance of diversity and ubiquity is sadly a clever mirage created by
    the corporate powers.

  22. Comment by TryHardSoviet:

    RT undoubtedly read the comments on their videos.

  23. Comment by Jurij Fedorov:

    I am Russian but she sounds stupid and annoying.

  24. Comment by thejobloshow:

    Let’s be honest, how many people watch RT SPECIFICALLY for its editorial

  25. Comment by Maleblade:

    So many lovely Russian girls…so little time…

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