Battlefield 4 Network Performance Overlay Explained

Battlefield 4 Network Performance Overlay Explained


  1. Comment by Battle(non)sense:
  2. Comment by TravMastah:

    How is the high frequency update suppose to work on last gen consoles???

  3. Comment by Alex Mathews:

    Just wanted to say that the BF4 console support tab complete. As you start
    typing a command you can tap the tab key for it to fully or partially
    auto-complete the command. It’s much easier and less error prone than
    typing everything out by hand.

  4. Comment by xXM0riTzXx:

    I have a little problem with Battlefield 4. When I play on a Server I have
    good pings (10-20ms) and my connection is stable and very good but I´m
    lagging. When I´m running every 5 seconds it sets me like 1 meter back. I
    dont know why I dont have packet loss or something. 

  5. Comment by SuperSmartt:

    the high frenquecy uptade work on consoles, because it’s the same game, the
    same engine, etc… am i right?

  6. Comment by RandomCanEHdian:

    I am on PS4 but cannot go above 25FPS on 64 players. Any ideas, guys?

  7. Comment by marekroman1:

    Didn’t you explain it once before already?

  8. Comment by kkieliszekk:

    What FOV you use? This look big, above 100?

  9. Comment by Ularg:

    Would you be able to help those of us troubleshoot and hopefully fix large
    amounts of packet loss? I’ve done everything humanly possible short of
    swapping ISPs (Hint: I can’t) and I still regularly get up to 30% packet
    loss in or out. Rubber banding, no hit registration, even bullets magically
    flying back into my magazine.

  10. Comment by Steven Daza:

    l want to know why there are so many kill trades in bf4 even in cte i
    played a lot of bf3 and while it happened it used to be not that frecuent.
    thx a lot for the vids

  11. Comment by Daniel Ruler:

    Great… I hope the CTE Patch is coming at September. I love to Play the
    CTE… Better than BF4 in the Vanilla Version^^

    Chris, you hear anything about the release 4 the Vanilla BF4???

  12. Comment by Abudalkhalek Hussien:

    thank you cris ……………
    i don’t know how dice thinks? why a video game requires an ACK packet, this
    contradicts to the main requirement of any game “Real time”. if a packet
    cannot reach its dst then discard it …… 

  13. Comment by Bolle192:

    How can i create a CFG file ? it’s not possible on my PC, Win8.

  14. Comment by CKlausl:

    You can use “tab” to autocomplete console commands :-) 

  15. Comment by M4trackZz:

    the problem on console is that we have much more guys who have an bad ping
    because EA has not many servers only EU/ASIA/EAST-US/WEST-US/AUS so we
    really have much KSA guys on EU server, we really need a ping display on

  16. Comment by I Love Naming Channels:

    What do you think of the new hitmarkers in CTE. Do you think they’re
    displayed for too long. I have been very confused about the hitmarkers
    lately, I feel that I hit an enemy at least 10 times and then get a 50
    point kill assist.

  17. Comment by Warmachine Rhodes:

    elevators was another thing dice didnt plan out too well. they should’ve
    made atleast 5 different ways up a building/ skyscraper if it was
    accessible. if it wasnt accessible to infantry by stairs, ladders,
    elevators they should have made the top of that building the out of bounce
    zone. imo the vertical warfare in the game is a failure.

  18. Comment by Shaun Smith:

    Was so disappointed… I went to activate this on vanilla and it’s not
    there :-(. Must be one available on CTE.? 

  19. Comment by hackableification:

    I really want dice la to fix the insta kill.That is the only issue I want
    them to just focus on and fix. Other than that great vid, loved that turbo
    character you put for the thumbnail lol.

  20. Comment by SuperSmartt:

    what do you think of the DDoS attack on PSN?

  21. Comment by jonhygatinho:

    Thanks for the sneak peek! Good job with these videos. Also… DAT INTRO!

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