★ Gamdias said “Freedom! is the most outstanding YouTube network!”

★ Gamdias said “Freedom! is the most outstanding YouTube network!”


  1. Comment by HostileAE:

    Not everyone will get to see this comment so I will be posting this
    everyday so people can see it.

    1. Thumbnails: If you want to get more views or more subscribers you have
    to have good and vibrant color thumbnails to get peoples attention and have
    a good clear tittle on it that best fits the video and the subject, that
    will draw people to your channel and if they like your content then you
    will have a new subscriber :)

    2. Content: Content Is the most important when it comes to growing your
    channel. One thing you must do is to set a time when you will upload a
    video for Example. I upload everyday @12:00 pm (PDT) and that way people
    will know when i have uploaded a video to my channel and everyday @12:00 pm
    (PDT) they will come back to watch another video. Upload consistently and
    make sure the quality of your videos are really good so that the viewer
    will be comfortable while watching your video. A couple of good programs to
    record video game footage on the PC are called “Fraps” & “Dxtory” and if
    you are a console gamer I would go with Elgato Game Capture HD to have the
    best quality content.

    3. Game tittle: When it comes to people searching for games on youtube they
    will put the name of the game on the tittle and will start to looks for
    good thumbnails (Read 1.) and your tittle. If you put a game tittle
    yourself on the youtube search bar you will see what is most trending from
    that game for example I will type “Destiny” and see what comes
    up…”destiny gameplay ps4 multiplayer” is what is most viewed and
    searched, if you add that to your video tittle you will have a lot of
    people watching your video and also subscribing to you.

    4. Description (Show More): when you are typing in your description you
    must put the tittle of your video in the first two sentences so that it
    will pop up as tags when people will search for it. When writing in the
    description you what to tell the viewers what the game is about or what you
    are talking about in the game so that they can understand what it is they
    are watching. Descriptions are really good for viewers to see your other
    social media links so that way they can stay connected to you and be on the
    look out for any updates on your channel.

    5. Video Tags: Video tags are really Important when it comes to people
    searching for game content that are similar to yours. When adding tags you
    want to put what game it is and what type of mode you are playing or simply
    what is in the video so that when people start searching they can find it
    very quickly and your video can stay on the top of the search list so that
    you have more views and more subscribers.

    6. (MOST IMPORTANT) Interact w/ your subscribers.

    That is all I have to say at the moment but, feel free to ask me any
    questions and #nevergiveup so keep doing what you love to do because other
    peoples success is a reflection of what you can do and accomplish. REMEMBER
    I will post this everyday so that you guys can grow and not many will see
    this that very day. #freedomfamily

  2. Comment by Freedom!:

    Gamdias officially said “Freedom! is the most oustanding YouTube network”
    on their website ► Do you agree? Tell us #FreedomFamily!

  3. Comment by GameXECT:

    Sorry if this feels a bit offensive , but i am getting a little sick of
    seeing these “I’ll give a review ” kinda things in comment in the videos .
    Even though i also loved to do that from start , it is feeling a little bit
    muddled . Why don’t y’all Freedom Partners head over to the Freedom !
    Forums ? I believe the community in there is great , massive and diverse ,
    with the equal respect given to each and everybody . Lets write something
    special and make *Freedom!* even more special than it already is ? 

  4. Comment by NumbCorns // Daily Videos:

    First time helping!

    After being on youtube for 3 months, i can see that my photoshop skills is
    slightly better.
    The reason why i didn’t help anybody on previous days because i don’t want
    to give them unprofessional banners and thumbnails.
    So if you want Any banners or Thumbnails (I will send thumbnails in PSD so
    you can change them), tell me your skype. #nevergiveup! #freedomfamily ?
    or click here

  5. Comment by TheWackoX:

    Want Razer Sponsorship Please!

  6. Comment by TLNRGames:

    How do we get partnered on DailyMotion?

  7. Comment by AcidGames:

    +George Vanous Hello I know most people wont see this but if you do please
    check out my channel i am giving back to the freedom family for all the
    help and support I’ve gotten from them since i joined and with that in the
    next few weeks ill be having a game giveaway on my channel. All you have to
    do to be entered is be a subscriber like the giveaway video and leave me a
    comment telling me ways i can make better more entertaining content. Thank
    you freedom for helping me get going with youtube again and i cant wait for
    one of you to win the game. #nevergiveup 

  8. Comment by EasyHD:

    Well Gamdias isnt wrong ahah :P Freedom IS the most outstanding YouTube
    network! I love seeing all the new features, and new people coming to
    freedom everyday :) Any members of the freedom family who need help with
    anything (channel review, graphics etc.) just let me know i’ll try to help
    you if I can :) Grow together and be free :P

  9. Comment by ReactionGames:

    What can I say gorge, This is all your work. You are Freedom, Freedom is
    you. We are just a bunch of youtubers.

  10. Comment by ForZa LuKe:

    +George Vanous how do I send you an email for some reason Anthony doesnt
    receive me emails 

  11. Comment by Donger:

    Does anyone else think George is evil behind the camera and smacks asian
    people working in his sweat shop.. What’s wrong with me ._.

  12. Comment by FearlessGamingNL:

    Applyed for a sponsorship a long time ago… 

  13. Comment by RampageHD:

    If Gamedias said Freedom is outstanding youtube network, then, RampageHD
    says Its the most amazing, profitable, phenomenal and magnificent network
    in the world!!
    #Freedom_Till_I_Die #NeverGiveUp

  14. Comment by ImJustZexa:

    I knew about Gamdias,but that Mr.George over here managed to get us
    partnered with them.I once tweeted to NVidia and Geroge favorited my tweet
    :DSo i guess we can expect a Nvidia partnership soon?Tho that Gamdias Gear
    could really come in use,since i got my stuff burned :3

  15. Comment by SYNTHX:

    I heard about gamdias when my friend won youre sponsorship. I love them but
    i cant win anything…..FREE HELP EMAIL ME synthxtehman@gmail.com

  16. Comment by Dags:

    Well, they’re not wrong :D <3

  17. Comment by ThatGamingGuy:

    this is a great thing :), (BTW +George Vanous i have picked the headset :D)

  18. Comment by JDfromNY206:

    I can’t wait to apply for this sponsorship. So cool. I just joined Freedom!
    yesterday and I am excited to say the least

  19. Comment by TheDarrenLP™:

    I would like to ask a question and get an answer from someone that is
    member of the Freedom! Staff (but everyone can post their own opinions): I
    like the videobar idea, but what about creating new game-inspired videobar
    designs (a Minecraft one, a CSGO one or for any game you want to)? Or maybe
    a web-based customizer that will allow you to actually create a design that
    you want? I can make all of that. I just want to know, if I can do this to
    make the videos look nicer to help everyone grow (the nicer video looks,
    the more you watch it, the more fans you get) and if this is not forbidden.
    PS for +George Vanous Have you ever come to Slovakia since you were born
    there? (Or I should say here?) Because if no, this would be a great
    opportunity… because I am from Slovakia too :)

  20. Comment by Jrpg:

    I think Freedom should try getting sponsorship from Elgato. So those gamers
    who does not have capture card can have one. Also, for the musicians maybe
    sponsor them with a Blue Yeti Pro Microphone with Pop Filter. And lastly,
    for Vlogger maybe a Go Pro Camera. So they can film better…

  21. Comment by TormenT Spool:

    I honestly never heard of Gamdias before Freedom mentioned them. I do not
    have any of their products but from what I have seen and looked up they are
    really good products. Along with this I would like to see more about
    G-Fuel. I know there was a sponsorship in the works, but I have not heard
    anything since that video. G-Fuel will help all of our content creators
    stay awake and alert and in the end produce better content. I personally
    thing G-Fuel should be a top priority. They also cater to a lot of gamers
    that may want to join Freedom. I think this could be a serious benefit to
    Freedom! What does everyone else think?

  22. Comment by iGameItCool:

    Can somebody criticize my new banner and icon? It would be cool :D

  23. Comment by Spoderman OG:

    I highly suggest that Freedom! should get KontrolFreek as a sponsor! 

  24. Comment by Never Enough Gaming | Community Channel #Freedom Family:

    Could all you members of the Freedom Family please help me out? I started a
    community gaming channel to help you all to grow, but it’s been a struggle
    to say the least. I can only post videos as fast as people send me them to
    upload, but it’s been hard to find people to help me to grow this channel.
    I love youtube and everyone in Freedom and have been doing this for 3 years
    and have had dozens of channels. Now I run two channels both of which are
    partnered with freedom. I thought I would never have to do this, but I am
    begging all of you who read this to please help me to grow so that I can
    help you all to grow in return. Please help me grow by any means that you
    see fit and I will be forever grateful to you and whatever you want in
    return. Thank you.

  25. Comment by Darkovika Gaming:

    Remember, guys, that getting subs is not the most important thing for your
    channel. Getting LOYAL subs who actually love what you do is, because
    getting subs will get you nowhere if they don’t like or watch your content.
    Strengthen your content, upload every day, and work hard! 

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